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    I distinctly remember Vadym promising me when we skyped about V4 that the Addons for legacy osCommerce versions would remain accessible. They were available from a subdomain called apps.oscommerce.com, (previously addons.oscommerce.com). apps.oscommerce.com is now being redirected to app.oscommerce.com. It is therefore reassuring to know this content has not been deleted. I don’t quite follow the issue of it being technically impossible to keep “apps”operational on a LINUX server given subdomains can have their own PHP environments defined. Albeit the similar names would be confusing. Reverting to addons.oscommerce.com would be more workable. But if it is impossible then I suggest they be loaded to a new domain alltogether. I am happy to hand over ownership of oscommerce.cc for that use. We can imagine cc to mean community contributions, a nod to their original name. I should also point out that, apart from the fact people do need them, you use their existence in your marketing. You cannot claim to have 9,169 Addons for legacy osCommerce if they in fact no longer exist.
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    osCommerce site and Forums update notice

    @VladMalThat's disappointing. There is still a large number of shops using the old version and they may not be ready to move to V4 yet. I think they will feel abandoned. And the older versions are still considered Oscommerce. Just my opinion but I think deleting those was a mistake.
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    I think you're missing the point. You could have had progress and just let the old addons be. Now you risk losing both. BTW its not only the addons, but all the information that went along with each contribution people have made over 2 decades.
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    osCommerce site and Forums update notice

    Create an archive area and not destroy 20 years of history.
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    Appreciate that at minimum the v2x app files will be available via FTP. If osC admin is not willing to allow the complete v2.x apps section of their website to stay alive, why not allow someone else to take over the apps website as it was using a different server and domain name? As Hotclutch mentioned, it is not just the app files, there was important information about changes to those apps. It is understandable that osC admin does not approve of using osC 2.x, but I fail to understand why osC admin has/will eliminate what has been built by the community over so many years? Many of those apps will run on updated and community osC 2.x systems that do run fine on modern server software. It is hard to trust companies that do not support their old products, even if those products are obsolete. I use old computers. I use old cell phones. I use old cars. The stairway in our home is obsolete and would not pass building code today, we still use it. I use old IP cameras, I understand there are risks when using obsolete products. I have no expectation that support by osC admin would be active, archives are fine. A FTP site is not a good archive unless it will contain all descriptive text that went along with the files, all versions of the files, and is searchable so people can find what they need, as the old apps section was.
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    a gross miscalculation IMO. Some people have already decided not to use V4. This action, without notice to the community even, will only reinforce that sentiment further.
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    Not to mention that millions of broken links are going to make it look like OsCommerce is definitely dead 😞 We should have left the apps directory in place and presented it as an archive area while placing a banner indicating that a new version of OsCommerce is available, creating the new apps directory for V4 separately, like everyone would have been happy.
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    Those apps are also a wonderful way to learn about code and to get ideas etc. A very bad decision to remove them. Hopefully one that will be rectified.
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    osCommerce site and Forums update notice

    +1 with @Jack_mcs Place the old addons in an archive area accessible to those who will not be able to quickly upgrade to V4 due to the absence of addons specific to their countries, like France for me. Otherwise you will very strongly limit the distribution of V4 😞
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    osCommerce site and Forums update notice

    Are you kidding ???? Have you removed all the apps that the community has produced over the years ????? But who gave you this right ????? You bought the osCommerce brand and NOT THE WORK THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE have done over the years to support a FREE platform. Give us back all the apps and old versions. At least put an old version that you can consult
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    I agree totally - and i am convinced only by making / keeping the old apps available we can build back a vivid community for V4. Old V2 users will never come back once they find out there is nothing for them left here ... By engaging them in the OSC V2 they can learn about V4 - and step up to V4... Just my 2 cents.
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    Great ideas are never obsolete. Old code can easily be updated to PHP8 and made responsive. Serious mistake removing legacy addons, in my humble opinion.
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    We will not be able to answer each and every one, so here're the answers to all of your respected comments and questions. 1. Old osCommerce 2.x is an obsolete piece of software, it uses old tech and shall not be used to run a business. 2. We will never try to MAKE someone move to the new version of osCommerce, however it looks like a sensible business decision for every business that runs an online shop or develops such 3. Unfortunately same goes for the old modules and apps. They were great, but they are old and obsolete. 4. We will never try to shut down anyone who created apps for the old osCommerce or offers support for those, however creating them for a new osCommerce is a reasonable business decision 5. There will be merchants and developers who will want to keep using old osCommerce and reject new osCommerce. That's fine. Change is difficult. Not from the software point of view, but more like going out of the comfort zone. 6. We can not and will not make everyone like the new version, and new business, the new osCommerce. IT IS OK! 7. Those who do want progress, who want to have a business (be it merchants, designers, developers, consultants - anyone!) - we welcome you on our journey to a successful future! P.S. Old apps will become available via FTP shortly.
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    Thanks to everyone for picking up on this. As I understand it, USPS gained their trademark registration for the terms "Priority Mail" and "Priority Mail Express" hence the change from a trademark to a registered trademark. Note that the International services are still not registered so we have that change to deal with at some time in the future. As noted above, any instances of TM for these services need to change to RM. However in some other USPS module versions, you would be changing tradmrk to regimark. And it is only matters if you actually use these services (although it makes sense for all USPS users to patch their modules). Hope this helps some poor soul in the future especially now the Add Ons are gone. I have taken the liberty of adding the zip file that Tom provided to our blog post in case it disappears from here. See https://www.ozeworks.com/usps-does-it-again/
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    I make myself available to support a server and relative web archive structure at my own expense that contains all the old contributions and versions of oscommerce.
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    Final countdown to v4

    Forum updates will follow tomorrow, with extra information etc. All - have a good night!
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    Final countdown to v4

    Eager to get to 0!
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    osCommerce site and Forums update notice

    On the Home page you write: osCommerce V4 245 add-ons * 169 live sites 228 historical sites 305,555 members ** 1.7 Mill. forum postings The Members were all linked to oscommerce V2. The Posts were all linked to oscommerce V2. So the Old information is not outdated for advertising ??? Of members and posts for V4 will be 1000 posts and 200 members. Be consistent, put TRUE data and not Obsolete data. If osCommerce V2 is obsolete ... why use its Glorious Past ????
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    Ivan Holbi

    Override a form - add a new field

    Hi Loïc, Please see the section *** Hooks *** per the link below. https://wiki.oscommerce.com/index.php?title=Methodology_of_Extensions Best regards, Ivan
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    Here's the latest version I have - USPS Rate V4 Intl Rate V2_r3.6. USPS Rate V4 Intl Rate V2_r3.6.zip
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    I wish I had known to check the forums a long time ago, because I updated the USPS module myself to the rate api v4, and intl rate api v2, and I did all the work of upgrading to https all by myself. I think you'll like my solution to the service names problem. Back when I upgraded the module in 2020 I wrote some regular expressions to match the basic service types without having to worry about whether it was Priority Mail one-day, or two-day (let alone whether it was TM or RM), and since that time it still works without me having to modify those regexes to keep up with USPS' changes. The only caveat is that my module assumes you have access to commercial plus pricing. The other downside is that the allowed service types are hard coded into the module instead of having radio button selections of which services are allowed. usps.php
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    I noticed today that domestic priority quotes seem to have changed from Priority MailTM to Priority MailRM and as such quotes aren't being displayed.
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    Payment methods

    Certainly. We had it many years ago but will likely need to re-do it with the latest API
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    To the developers of v4

    Why you do not use an external software and connect them between an API or ETL (Talend)? https://medevel.com/12-os-point-of-sale-pos-solutions/ for info
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    osCommerce v4 translation