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    One of the main reasons for abandoned carts is people finding a delivery cost at check out they are not expecting. By placing a simple note on every product info page the customer is given clear information about what to expect for delivery. Again totally standalone with no core code change. Simply copy all files of the one you need into relevant sections and go to admin modules /content and install. You can change the title and body text in admin. JcM Product info Delivery Note CE Can be seen on test site https://www.justfastfood.com/product_info.php/products_id/27
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    no worries glad you got it sorted. I uploaded a small mod to show the delivery icon 😂 nothing important but as the rest of the code uses font awesome it just makes it fit in. you can update by just editing one file. Or unistall and reinstall updated files. To edit open public_html/includes/modules/content/product_info/templates/tpl_cm_jcm_product_info_delivery_note.php find line <h3 class="panel-title">' . constant('MODULE_CONTENT_JCM_PRODUCT_INFO_DELIVERY_NOTE_HEADER_' . $selectedLanguage) . '</h3> and replace with <i class="fas fa-truck" <pre> </pre>' . constant('MODULE_CONTENT_JCM_PRODUCT_INFO_DELIVERY_NOTE_HEADER_' . $selectedLanguage) . '</i>
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    234.1Edge(BS) Images related help needed

    ok so cat's on index is easy just use this addon. https://apps.oscommerce.com/XsmVa&amp;categoy-images
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    KissIT Image Thumnailer

    @ce7 Open your ..includes/classes/category_tree.php file FIND: if ( ($this->follow_cpath === true) && in_array($category_id, $this->cpath_array) ) { $link_title = $this->cpath_start_string . $category['name'] . $this->cpath_end_string; } else { $link_title = $category['name']; } REPLACE WITH: if ( ($this->follow_cpath === true) && in_array($category_id, $this->cpath_array) ) { $link_title = $this->cpath_start_string . tep_image('images/' . $category['image'], $category['name'], SMALL_IMAGE_WIDTH*0.5, SMALL_IMAGE_HEIGHT*0.5, 'style="display:inline-block;"') . '&nbsp;' . $category['name'] . $this->cpath_end_string; } else { $link_title = tep_image('images/' . $category['image'], $category['name'], SMALL_IMAGE_WIDTH*0.5, SMALL_IMAGE_HEIGHT*0.5, 'style="display:inline-block;"') . '&nbsp;' . $category['name']; }
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    Mobile adjusted website?

    A responsive template might be worthwhile only if you already have a running shop with customers, etc. and you need to keep it running (and mobile) while changing over to the correct version. If you're just starting out, bite the bullet and go immediately to the latest and greatest osC Edge/CE/Frozen, which is mobile-ready. Don't install a template, because you'll never get around to upgrading to BS, and will suffer for a long time, trying to fix the old osC's flaws.
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    Mobile adjusted website?

    Talk to one of the partners https://www.oscommerce.com/Services You may find have a quick short term solution in a responsive template that will give you more time to plan your transision to a new osC cart.
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    Some people are still finding it hard to find what part needs to be changed.I was answering in PM but it's better discussed on the forum as it may help others. Questioner was struggling to find how to change the hover colour on elements. The hover is just another layer that need to be changed. So if you have a button say, success (your buy button) that is green #2B642B , it will have another color a bit diferent when you hover over it say light green #63ba63. so lets say we have that button, this sets or changes its main color. (The color: #fff; is for the text on the button.) .btn-success { color: #fff; background-color: #2B642B; border-color: #00b3db; } Now this sets or changes the hover color. .btn-success:hover { color: #fff; background-color:#63BA63; border-color: #285e8e; Thats it, it's the same for any elament that changes when you hover over it with your mouse.
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    this it should be <script type="text/javascript" src="../ext/jquery/jquery-2.2.3.min.js"></script> there is an extra (.) after (jquery-2.2.3.)
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    includes/modules/content/index/cm_i_text_main.php includes/modules/content/index/templates/tpl_cm_i_text_main.php includes/languages/english(your language)/modules/content/index/cm_i_text_main.php and of course, install: admin=>modules=>content=>Main Home Module[index]
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    Making progress slowly as time permits, separate Modal Accounts navbar added to test site. Would be helpful if people could test it on different devices to see how it looks/works. Auto fill should work and pages should be modal’s. It’s work in progress so may be some glitches. Needs a lot more work to integrate checkout and other pages. Not as simple as it first looks🙄 Odd thing is modal works fine on mobile devices but on PC is proving difficult auto resize to fit responsive CE! Can be tested here https://www.justfastfood.com/
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    Well the next stage is for the Gary and the team to decide, I am sure they already have ideas for what they want to do. I think its in two stages. Stage 1) Lets help as many people as possible migrate from old osC which ever that is to the community addition. This will require 3 things. 1) Lets positively promote CE on the forum. 2) We need to make moving data fro old store to new much easier. How? Up for discussion. 3) Addons the one click will help but only if addon makers use it. Pick the top 50 addons and help them convert to one click. Stage 2) For me as a user, 1) Clean start with no legacy issues. 2) Totally modular design 3) Core code is made closed (no messing with it using addons) 4) Review how we make it responsive (bootstrap or alternative?) bootstrap works but is not the only option. 5) Totally integrated modification function. As and when updates to the core are made by the team they are pushed out and available in admin. User simply presses install and core is updated. ( already available in opencart) 6) Totally integrated addon function. Same as 5 above but for addons. Both paid and free ( should consider the option of approved free addons and none approved) ( already available in opencart) 7) Store side editing function. A simple way to let you make changes to the store front with out needing to edit files. 8) Data import capability. The only way to make it successful is if we make it easy for people to move to it from another osC or other cart. But that's just my thoughts others will have there own views.
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    Problem add some products into basket

    Work fine for me too. I add correctly the 3 in the basket. My Firefox : 61.0.2 (x64). Clear the cache, close Firefox and restart it. If the problem is allways here, perhaps it can be a FireFox Addon which make a bad thing ... ?
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    Where to Login into Admin area?

    The shop and admin sections have their own includes/configure.php files. If the shop side is working, which it sounds to be the case, then the configure file in admin is probably not correct.
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    Early days still, but since adding the auto fill form and the Guest checkout notice, not had a single abandoned cart! Now that's never happend before. To early to draw any final conclusions but still moving in right direction. What is surprising is that customers who already have accounts are prefering to check out as guest!
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    Product Page Layout

    have been having a bit of a play with this on a new version of Frozen. I thought others may like to see the results. There have been no core file changes, and apart from a bit of padding in the button code nothing has been changed. The layout is created by using the method that Gary explained further up the thread. The product price will be played with later as I need to convert some code to make the layout different as I need to show customers the savings on the actual price and the buying price. The description is under the image disclaimer, as will be the cross sell products, recently viewed and the reviews and what ever else will be tagged onto the end of the page. These may even be placed inside Garys 28 days of code tabs so will have to see what looks best.
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    Making Color changes to your site

    If you do not wish to change color (text color), there is no need to include it in the stylesheet. In your example the core bootstrap.css already has it defined in white color. Only the definitions which you wish to change need to be included in the stylesheet in user.css to overwrite the bootstrap core definitions. Following this rule in a consequent way will keep your user.css smaller and save page load time.
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    Mobile adjusted website?

    You really have two choices. None of them are easy. There is a mobile addon that creates another set of files on your system, but it is no longer being supported, and wont be. The second is to install the BS community version of oscommerce. There is a link in my signature. This does entail a complete rebuild of your current store, but that may not be a bad thing depending on how old your current store is. You will have to add all of your current addons again, but newer versions may be available. Then all you need to do is to convert your current database to work on the new files. The new BS version is so much easier to work with and in most cases, addons are just a case of uploading the files, and clicking an install button.
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    Making Color changes to your site

    It's not necessary to put down so much markup. eg if you want to change the breadcrumb background color, only put this down in your user.css .breadcrumb { background-color: black } or .breadcrumb { background-color: black; color: white } above changes the background color and font color. Also try to keep the Bootstrap classes, and define new classes for custom requirements. eg. If you want to change an alert-info, don't change the styling of alert-info, rather define a new class like this: <div class="alert alert-custom" role="alert">This is a test alert</div> then add to your CSS .alert-custom { color: #004085; background-color: #cce5ff; border-color: #b8daff } and better still, if you want to optimize, inline the style on the page(s) required, like this in the header: <style> .alert-custom { color: #004085; background-color: #cce5ff; border-color: #b8daff } </style>
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    Especially with the holiday shopping season fast approaching... they're out of time this year to make major changes, and right now they want to make sure their store is stable and ready for hordes of customers. Regarding my comments on BSv4, it sounds like they could involve massive changes to osC. It could take Gary a while to code and test. Any further work by a store owner (custom code or add-ons) might end up being tossed out the window once they upgrade to a BSv4 version of osC. Just be aware of this before plunging into any major work on the BSv3 code.
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    iDeal via ideal-checkout

    @azpro Mijn ouders zijn Nederlands, ze emigreerden hier in 1959. Daarom is mijn Nederlands slecht 😀
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    @Dan Cole 50 bugs or 50 bucks it's the same depending in which country you live. lol Some consider bugs more valuable than paper.
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    Managing your Products

    For our business it is also quite complicated to keep content up-to-date. Over 50 suppliers and 35.000 products. Each supplier has its own way of informing us. Some with nice XML files - others with XLS but none of them gives us a simple solution for bullet-proof updating. I did several attempts for automating the process - but never really succeeded also becuase lack of time. The key is to create templates for each supplier depending ons his input - then evaluate current data and mark those products that need to be updated. Next give choice to update etc.etc... but now you also have new products. So they need to be checked and probably further finished by hand. So you have different stages for a product hence need a lot of extra data columns in the database. Only workable if you use a Entity - Attribute - Value model .... all possible but time consuming to develop. With lots of changes to database both frontend en backend. Would really like to see others opinoin on this complex matter!
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    Something related to this topic, Over the last few weeks I've been having a few customers complaining about the PayPal checkout not working properly. About 2-3 per week all similar issues about not seeing the PayPal page properly on there devices. One customer sent me a image showing this odd behavior, As you can see the bottom of the page is missing preventing the customer from continuing. As you can imagine after trying a few times the customer just got frustrated and gave up! Luckily the customer rang to complain so I got to know about the problem. Most of the others were in abandoned carts and on emailing a number of them confirmed PayPal problems also. I contacted PayPal to check what was wrong. I never got a clear answer to why it could be happening, but I did get a solution which may help others. Now I use PayPal express so this may only relate to this. There was a setting in the Paypal config that I could change. Switched from Clasic to In-Context. This replaces the normal PayPal check out page with a small modal popup page which behaves better on devices. So far not had any further issues.
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    Horizontal Categories Menu BS

    Thanks @Demitry for helping out. I think what she means is, when you add the css code you posted it will also change the looks of the links within the navbar since those also use the same classes. Best would be to give it a new, unique class that only refers to that parent category link. For example; Inside the ..includes/classes/catmenu.php file FIND $root_link_title = '<span><span class="fas fa-list"></span>&nbsp;' . $link_title . '</span>'; REPLACE WITH $root_link_title = '<span class="parent"><span class="fas fa-list"></span>&nbsp;' . $link_title . '</span>'; We added the class parent for this example. Name it whatever you want later. Then add this to your user.css file .parent { color: red; } This should have changed the parent link color to red. Change the css code to whatever you like.
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    Named anchor tags don't work?

    Hmm.. stil not sure what the BASE HREF is good for, never used it before I entered the oscommerce world, but it might be there for a good reason. You can also work around this problem by using this: <a href="<?php echo $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']; ?>#top">Top</a> Works like a normal anchor tag (so without reloading the whole page), the session is retained, and you can keep the BASE HREF. @Jeremy: using the tep_href the whole page is reloaded after every click, or isn't it? @Amanda: You remind me, I have got to work on my languages switch :D