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    Merry Christmas!

    Wishing all members of this Community, and all users of osCommerce, a very Merry Christmas! There has been a delay in development, but work continues on osCommerce v4 B2, which is due to be released soon. It will be followed by osCommerce v4, and then - new osCommerce App store (for Apps, Modules, Designs, Widgets, etc). After that - sky is the limit. Will keep you all posted via the Forum.
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    Just saying, it makes sense to free up some time next week or the following week
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    Thank you 'domiosc' for thinking that I am an AI machine with capabilities to translate quickly. However, I am real ... and it took me several days and hours to do such work in order to be helpful to the community in assisting 'osCommerce-Official' to release a multilingual osCommerce v4 as quickly as possible. (Gracias 'domiosc' por pensar que soy una máquina de inteligencia artificial con capacidades para traducir rápidamente. Sin embargo, soy real ... y me tomó varios días y horas hacer ese trabajo para ayudar a la comunidad y ayudar a osCommerce-Official a lanzar un osCommerce v4 multilingüe lo más rápido posible.) I have tried very hard to use Castilian (Castellano) Spanish as such is the formal Spanish spoken by educated speakers. If you wish to help and translate in the second language commonly used which is Mexican Spanish then kindly do so as it would be helpful, any corrections are easily able to be done on the existing left column.😁
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    Thanks for the wonderful surprising challenge of ... translating Russian to Spanish ... I had to get help from my dear friend Маргарита who was able to convert the source language into the target language in a way that conveys the meaning of the original as clearly as possible. The translated file is attached!!! ..... ooops, I keep getting the following message "You are only allowed to upload 1,003.52kb."
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    This is exciting news .... we should all jump on board to help Holbi Group deliver to the community a "Sensational Multilingual osCommerce v4." I will try my best to submit something very soon.
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    Removed from club

    That club is no longer active on this forum. They have their own forum where i assume you may join. Just Google the name, you will come across it.
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    W3 osCommerce WIP

    Great work. And super idea to rely on ! I'll give a try...
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    Well, just found out how to solve 2 php errors I've got using php7+. Let's share it: If you run (latest official version), it runs fine on php5+ (for exemple with the last release 5.6.40 which is from 2019!). But, when you switch to php7 you get (at least) two errors at admin panels : 1. at "Categories / Products" : Warning: sizeof(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable in C:\EasyPHP-Devserver-17\eds-www\oscommerce2341\catalog\adminUyhGTfDES458\includes\functions\general.php on line 89 AND categories.php on line 909 SOLUTION: find "application_top.php" under admin/includes somewhere around line 231, find : $current_category_id = $cPath_array[(sizeof($cPath_array)-1)]; } else { just add this line $cPath_array = [ ] ; before $current_category_id = 0; } and you are done. The second error I've got is at tools / "Security Checks" panel (that didn't work at all) : Warning: Creating default object from empty value in C:\EasyPHP-Devserver-17\eds-www\oscommerce2341\catalog\adminUyhGTfDES458\security_checks.php on line 87 Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined method stdClass::pass() in C:\EasyPHP-Devserver-17\eds-www\oscommerce2341\catalog\adminUyhGTfDES458\security_checks.php:92 Stack trace: #0 {main} thrown in C:\EasyPHP-Devserver-17\eds-www\oscommerce2341\catalog\adminUyhGTfDES458\security_checks.php on line 92 Look into the file admin / "security_checks.php". Find and replace : $secCheck = $$module['class']; by $secCheck = $GLOBALS[$module['class']]; (somewhere around line 81) and you are done. I found this out (the lucky way) by examining the related code in "osCommerce2-2.4.2 Joli Beta" which works fine on php7 (but unfortunately some of its fonctions were not implemented, and I'm not a pro coder). Hope it can help for someone. (files modified attached if you need it) security_checks.php application_top.php
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    osCommerce v4 Beta 1

    Patricio, thanks for your continuous interest in osCommerce v4. We are finishing internal tests of B2 and are looking to release it shortly. Please kindly note that every person or company that contacted us in regards to becoming a Beta tester for B2 was added to the list and will be given B2 once it becomes available.
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    osCommerce v4 Beta 1

    Please can I be added to the Beta test list. I've developed osCommerce since its initial version, I've been a team member of osCMax and am an internal developer for the Joomla project. I have asked before but apart from the initial video demo have not heard anything.# Thanks Mark
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    Stripe v3 module for SCA

    I had that happen to me and had to add a new card and delete the old one. If you speak to Stripe they will tell you its a security thing so cards cannot just be updated by anyone, which is good.
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    Shipping methods

    Hello, there, an example inside a product about the shipping but also the approach could be more complex.
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    Old backend on php 7

    It's a lot of work, especially if you are not technical. And in the end, your site will still look dated and lack mobile responsiveness.
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    As we see Beta 2 almost ready, it is time to look into translation of osCommerce v4 in languages other than English. Following the previous post, we would welcome if members of the Community could assist with this task. In order to say "thank you" for your help, we will be happy to offer all additional apps created by osCommerce, that will be available through the App store to the translators, once the App store is up and running. Please find the texts in the attached CSV file. To translate, please just create a new column along with the "en" one, and put in the correct translation of the current English text. Please ignore all other columns but do not delete them. Once done, please send your translation to us via email (hello@osCommerce.com) or via this Forum's messaging system. Thank you very much in advance! @gummipingvin - mentioned they could help with Danish language @MarcelMediaNL with Dutch @domiosc and @valquiria23 with Spanish @acidvertigo with Italian @zachris with Finnish @YePix with German @Jose Araujo with Portuguese @PhoenixAter with Swiss German @Janko Muzykant with Polish @milerwan with French @psychopath with Swedish @poj_ud with Thai @glavasevic with Serbian Keys_2021Dec21_1418.csv
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    I started translating into Polish. Unfortunately, I can't do it as fast as Dr. Mary Calaveris (respect). The Polish language (like the others) is contextual. Many words and sentences have different uses in specific situations. So after the release of osCommerce v4, the translation will certainly need to be refined based on the facts. I attach files with the current progress of work for possible verification. I need comments and highlighted lines in the (.ods) file for my own use and verification after osCommerce v4 is released. I will try to finish the translation by the end of January 2022. Keys_2021Dec21_1418_PL.ods
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    osCommerce v4 translation

    That is OK, but I will not do any translations if I can not ask questions!
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    osCommerce v4 translation

    @Dr. Mary Calaveris Sin desmerecer tu aporte, parece una traducción automática que necesita bastantes correcciones. Isn't there a solution for a collaborative translation? for example: crowdin, transifex, lokalise... or other solutions. It makes no sense to translate without coordination, several people may be translating the same.
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    osCommerce v4 Beta 1

    My haste to see how it looks inside its code is really higher than the Santa's sleigh during Christmas, lol. Very haste!
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    osCommerce v4 Beta 1

    Does not i can change the code during the test?
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    PHP Version

    Hi all Thanks for the answer That's good news. I hope the first stable version of oscommerce4 is coming soon. Lexus3
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    Easy Populate V 3.0

    A new version has been uploaded with these changes: Added statement to load the table class in the Frozen version. Correct code for php warnings. Updated for the latest shop.
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    Absolutely! We are working on the 2nd Beta at the moment and will release it soon to the wider audience of beta testers.
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    osCommerce v4 Beta 1

    Oscommerce v4 is not a fork of osCommerce v2. It is a brand new solution made for modern day use. In the past it was called trueloaded. There were no promises to any previous owners of osCommerce, and especially no lies as, being business professionals, we don't lie. That's the end of your comments here.
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    Shipping methods

    I'm very glad to see that osCommerce 4 is apparently going to include size information to use on products for shipping purposes since basically all carriers now charge dimensional weight if a package is large but light. I assume that there will be some setup for available boxes to use for shipping to go with this. I would interested in knowing if osCommerce 4 will allow for single products that come in multiple packages for shipping purposes, like the split products portion of the dimensional weight contribution that is available for osCommerce 2.3.x. I would also hope that the packaging routine for osCommerce 4 doesn't do like the one in the aforementioned dimensional weight contribution and add products to a box based solely on the calculated remaining volume. We have had more than one instance of our 2.3.4 packager using a particular size box for a rate quote that the products won't all physically fit in to because of the dimensions of the products even though the total product volume is less than the volume of the box. Each product is checked to be sure it will fit in the box individually, but it doesn't check to see if they will fit in the box together with the other products based on their dimensions.