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    DDOS on shared servers

    I just found out that they force SSL on all pages, which is not a big deal for me as long as it doesn't impact page loading speed,.. though it's not the way osCommerce is set up. And, this is the first time I am using cloud hosting. I was with WebHostingHub for over 7 years, which is a sister company to InMotion hosting. They were good in the beginning, but their performance and QoS dropped off dramatically in recent times. I'm also impressed with HostArmada's tech support. It seems like it's a bunch of Bulgarians, but their English is great, so is their response time, and knowledge base. WebHostingHub's tech-support QoS deterioration is one of the main reasons I chose to look for another hosting company.
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    Smoky Barnable

    DDOS on shared servers

    I'm liking the LiteSpeed Web Server.
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    DDOS on shared servers

    I just got their Speed Reaper 3-year plan on November 30th. I did a bunch of research before landing on this company. So far, everything is great! One thing to mention, their server date/time stamp is set to the European format, as in dd/mm/yyyy. That threw me off because I am used to the US format of mm/dd/yyyy. So, when it says that your next billing date is 04/12/2024, it's not April 12th. Also, their shared hosting is not ideal for certain types of customers. For example, if your site is dependant on heavy file downloads such as videos, their shared hosting would not be a good fit for both, storage and data transfer.
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    Smoky Barnable

    DDOS on shared servers

    Thanks. I just signed up for the three year HostArmada plan. They are doing a cpanel transfer now.
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    DDOS on shared servers

    Also, if you don't already, you should use Up-Time Robot. It's a free service that pings your site every 5 minutes and sends you an email or text to let you know when your site is down and again when it comes back up.
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    Eric, will message you
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    DDOS on shared servers

    Check out HostArmada. They boast about their security and specifically DDoS attacks. Their Speed Reaper plan is a good one. Their renewal rates suck, but the first 3-yr discount is great. Plus, I cannot find any bad reviews for them. Though no dedicated IP for shared. Another one to concider is ScalaHosting. They have a VPS at $10/month with a 3-year commitment. Great reputation on this one too.
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    Addons for orders.php

    Bin finalement après plusieurs essais , ça a l'air de marcher comme ça: Merci beaucoup pour ton aide Demitry. Passe une bonne journée.
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    osCommerce Wiki

    A wiki-style manual will be available here: https://wiki.oscommerce.com/ We are working on its original articles at the moment, and will be adding more information soon.
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    osCommerce v4 Beta 1

    osCommerce v4 Beta 1 has been made available to a limited number of first reviewers today. We will work with the feedback we receive over the next couple of weeks, and will release Beta 2 to registered Beta-testers in early December 2021. Want to become a Beta tester? Contact us via the main website to register your interest now and receive access to Beta 2 in December! Providing we continue to receive reasonable feedback from the Beta testers we are looking to launch osCommerce v4 in early 2022. The wait is over!
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    New management and osCommerce v4

    MAN have I missed this place!