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    New V2 Forum

    " Support for older versions of osCommerce may be offered on these Forums, temporarily, although we encourage all users to move to the new, better, and more secure version. Support for other Ecommerce platforms and osCommerce forks WILL NOT be offered on these Forums. " I am two minded about investing the time and money in starting up a brand new domain and forum as a meeting place for people still interested in V2 osCommerce. The forum will be non commercial, for information exchange only, as osCommerce was in the beginning. How many people interested in this idea ?
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    New V2 Forum

    The problem is that you have removed access to addons from V2 and V4 has no addons available. Almost no store works with the default configuration. Each store has its specificities and needs certain addons to live and develop while waiting to be able to use V4. For many of us, the online store is the only source of income. Without the necessary addons, the revenue stream drops or stagnates, which is not in our interest. A V4 without addons is of little interest except to become familiar with its operation, but that's not what brings money into our pockets.
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    osCommerce interview

    What is osCommerce 4.0? How it was created and why? What is the team behind osCommerce? How was osCommerce released during the war in Ukraine? All of this and more in the video interview, done by David Goodale of Merchant Accounts (Canada): Visit https://www.merchant-accounts.ca/oscommerce-version-4-re-building-the-classic-open-source-e-commerce-platform.php for the full video and transcript!
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    Respected Serbia is missing from the list of countries I hope you can add in the new version.
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    Hi, We checked and your use is not correct (use common\classes\design\boxes\categories). We would recommend to try at least as follows: use frontend\design\boxes\Categories; Best regards, Ivan
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    osCommerce site and Forums update notice

    Yes, it is great to move on new one, to make it more secure, but is it necessary to disable the old addons link? I learn the oscommerce and addons knowlege by view old addons in the past few years, and ask helps from forum, you took this option away. I learned C++ 20 years ago, compare to now, will you comment it that it is old, so not useful? And after all, it is up to website owners to design what version they like to move on. Beside, your link to new apps, not thing is working yet. Maybe admin can disable the old addons after confirm the new apps area works properly.
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    Yes, you as admin can decide what you want, but as user like us, when we are not ready to move on the new plate form and it is not right you just disable the old addons while we are still rely on those addons to make our old version website working. Also we have the right to use old version, you just dont need to support, why need to disable the old addone links? The reason we use oscommerce these years is that lots of experts here gave their great support free and share their addons free. If you want to make money, that is fair enough, but not continue to support the old version website and disable addons, yes, I feel like we are abandoned and not respected. After this frustrated and disappointed new update, I dont think I will not continue to use osCommerce any more. And special Thank You to the old version Oscommerce and experts who kindly share their time, knowledge and help, sorry you did not earn money from me but you earn respect from me.
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    New V2 Forum

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    Restarting Apache made no change. However I have found how to fix this. I copied the php.ini file (which Cpanel creates automatically if you change certain php settings for a user) in which the "allow_url_fopen = On" setting is set and uploaded it to the admin folder as well. That fixed the whole problem. No, I dont understand why cause since the php.ini file is in the root (public_html folder) it should be set for any subfolder as far as I know. But anyway, it works now. I now have access to the mapping settings and the "Run import actions". Hopefully from here it all goes well. Thanks for the assistance! Maybe my "fix" helps others too here.
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    Ivan Holbi

    osCommerce 4.01

    Hi Loïc, But if you want to update the version from osc to osc or higher please follow the process in the link below. https://wiki.oscommerce.com/index.php?title=Update_from_osc_4.0.0.49581_to_osc_4.0.1.49581 Best regards, Ivan
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    Sure I actually appreciate that: just PM'd you
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    osCommerce site and Forums update notice

    Create an archive area and not destroy 20 years of history.
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    osCommerce site and Forums update notice

    +1 with @Jack_mcs Place the old addons in an archive area accessible to those who will not be able to quickly upgrade to V4 due to the absence of addons specific to their countries, like France for me. Otherwise you will very strongly limit the distribution of V4 😞
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    osCommerce site and Forums update notice

    Are you kidding ???? Have you removed all the apps that the community has produced over the years ????? But who gave you this right ????? You bought the osCommerce brand and NOT THE WORK THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE have done over the years to support a FREE platform. Give us back all the apps and old versions. At least put an old version that you can consult
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    osCommerce site and Forums update notice

    @VladMalThat's disappointing. There is still a large number of shops using the old version and they may not be ready to move to V4 yet. I think they will feel abandoned. And the older versions are still considered Oscommerce. Just my opinion but I think deleting those was a mistake.
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    Payment methods

    Certainly. We had it many years ago but will likely need to re-do it with the latest API
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    osCommerce v4 translation

    Here is the French traduction file, sorry for delay. Keys_2021Dec21_1418_fr.zip