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    HoneyPot Captcha

    For the telephone error, change this $telephone = $customer_details['telephone']; to $telephone = ($customer_details['telephone'] ?? null); You can do similar for the street address but that should be enabled so you may not have your modules setup completely, For the last error, I see I didn't copy the new post code list to admin. To fix that, in includes/functions/honeypot.php copy lines 239 through 404 and copy them over lines 70 through 88 in admin/includes/functions/honeypot.php.
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    Wishing all those wonderful women on this Forum, users of osCommerce, Ecommerce designers and developers, CEOs of their companies, amazing human beings, to have a fantastic International Women's Day! Huge respect to you, not just on this day, but at all times. Team of osCommerce
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    HoneyPot Captcha

    A new version has been uploaded with these changes: Added an option to delete all fake accounts for those sites where there are too many to delete normally. Pro Version only. Changed code to fully follow the status setting. Changed code to not allow empty emails. Changed the V2 database install file so it is automatic. Corrected mistake in the create account page for Phoenix. Corrected mistake in the captcha file for the numbers captcha. Corrected a mistake in the postal code check that would allow invalid postal codes through when the option was set to both. Corrected Fake Accounts check orders code to return accurate counts, Pro version only. Moved the changes for the contact_us and create_account pages to the templates directory. Reduced the file size of the log file. Removed the check for the Purchase Without Account page. Removed the return statement in the hook for Phoenix that was causing duplicate displays.
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    Current country list

    Some say there are 193 countries, some say 195, some say 197, others say ... https://history.state.gov/countries/all https://www.worldometers.info/geography/how-many-countries-are-there-in-the-world/ https://onestep4ward.com/how-many-countries-in-the-world/ (and yes, this does pertain to osCommerce)
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    quantity monitoring

    @YePix Let me see if I understand your problem correctly ... You say have enough meat to make 100 sandwiches, but only enough bread to make 10. This sounds like you need an add-on like Bundled Products https://apps.oscommerce.com/BZ2FO&bundled-products This way, your customers buy a sandwich, and the add-on automatically subtracts the inventory for both the meat and bread. When there is not enough bread to make any more sandwiches, the add-on states that there is not enough stock to assemble the requested sandwich. This add-on will most likely need to be updated to work on a newer version of osC (either stock or community edition). Also, there is another add-on available specifically for the Phoenix/community edition version, but we can't discuss that here. Excuse me if I misunderstood your problem ... Malcolm
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    osCommerce - update of email software

    @osCommerce-Official I (and others) have received an email from 'osCommerce Limited <email@oscommerce.com>' with the subject 'osCommerce - update of email software'. It states: Even if you're reading it on or around the 1st of April, we're very serious and passionate about new osCommerce v4! Following our decision to release osCommerce v4 this year, we are updating and upgrading software that helps to run osCommerce. Please use this URL to confirm your email address that we have on our records: confirm osCommerce email We do not send any marketing communication unless you’re signed up to our newsletter, but need to be able to contact you in case we have important releases, or security patches. Thank you! Kind regards, OSCOMMERCE LIMITED Can you confirm that this is a legitimate email from you, or did someone harvest the forum's email list, and is on a phishing expidition? Thank you! M