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    I think it would be great to make a package (called frozen 2 or as you like) that has the new admin of @shetch and the Frozen version with its bug fixes so that new users can download them in one place. What the community lacks are periodic updates to show that the software is alive. I do not know if this is the best place to post it, but the work of @shetchis fantastic, it's the cooler in oscommerce for a long time and it would be great to integrate it into the Frozen package. What do you think? Best regards. Valqui
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    php 7.2 - updating CE

    With a big thanks to @Heatherbell I have a day next week and a day the week after to commence work on; fixing php7.2 warnings and errors translating old x.x (some of which relates to php4!) php code to newer 7.x formatted code In the meantime, if anyone sees any more errors/warnings please reply to this thread stating what the error says and where you found it (eg an URL) or how you made the error appear (eg only happens when pressing edit on XYZ module) and so on. As much details as you can give would be very helpful.
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    JcM Current Bestsellers Box V1.0 CE A simple add-on to let you display a Current Bestsellers Box on your site This allows you to set the number of days from which the best sellers are selected. If no sales made in that period nothing is displayed. So you could set it to show best seller in last week, month or year. Again totally stand-alone with no core code change. Simply copy all files into relevant sections and go to admin and install.
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    Where to start for newbie

    It's probably useful to point out that something being "open source" does not always mean it is "free" (as in no money). That's a misconception that a lot of people struggle with. We all run businesses, we all know there is a cost. https://github.com/gburton/Responsive-osCommerce/releases => Frozen Install it and have a play with it.
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    Nice, looking forwared to using the new fetures. Updating existing add-on's and reports is quite simple did this montly sales reoprt conversion in about 5 minutes! Those who decide to use it will make the effort I'm sure. Official or fork or neither it's good to have options.
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    No Hooks in Bootstrap?

    I haven't followed this thread so I'm not sure if it is the hooks that bother you or that the CE version is not the official version. If it is the hooks, then they will still be in the next official version since Harald is the one that initially added them and it is very unlikely, probably impossible, that he would remove them from the next version. If it is that the community version isn't the official one, you should understand that whenever an official version is released, it will take quite a while before it is useful. Based on previously released official versions, it would be a good six months before it would be useable as a live shop. So even if an official version was released today, if may not be useable as a live shop before the next Christmas season. So waiting for an official version would hurt your site far more than switching to the CE version and that should be the most important factor to consider, in my opinion.. Just something to think about.
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    Very good suggestion Valquiria . This will be the next step for real support of our favorite software osCommerce. I fully support this idea! It is time to defrost?
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    JcM Product info No stock buy button CE A simple add-on to let you display buy button on product info page. This button will change if stock is zero and prevent the product from being added to cart. Again totally standalone with no core code change. Simply copy all files into relevant sections and go to admin modules /content and install.
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    You could also try a CSV file it may work better? 😊 sorry Henry could not resist.
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    Email queuing system

    It's just a template so individual shopowners can easily set it up as they like and tweak it etc. HTML Emails are actually quite difficult as email programs render the output markedly differently. Well, it's certainly close enough to get the updated system out to the two testers to try. Tomorrow chaps.
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    Email queuing system

    Right now I am working on setting up a Cron system for this system. Having not really played in-depth with Cron before, it's proving to be a PITA. But the system is close to starting the next phase of testing.
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    UPS Choice 1.8.3

    Got a fix for this.... Modify /includes/modules/shipping/ups.php changing line 267 from... if ($http->Connect('www.ups.com', 80)) { To.... if ($http->Connect('ssl://www.ups.com', 443)) {
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    php 7.2 - updating CE

    I'm slowly but surely, as and when I can give time, updating the software. Thanks to all who are helping the software to move forward 👍
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    Internal Link In html Pop-Up

    If all you need is to display info then simply use a modal. safe clean and bootstrap.
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    Hello Andrea @puggybelle, There is something unclear in your report: If going to add a new shipping address in checkout shipping.php, the customer will be linked back first to the checkout shipping page where he sees the new shipping address. Then in the next step he will go to the checkout payment page and see the old (first) payment address. (shipping address is shown on checkout shipping, payment address is shown on checkout payment) Anyway I would recommend you to check this yourself with a test guest order. I wouldn't believe too much in what customers report. Do it yourself and get familiar with the whole process and options. In general for PWA: The only differences between a guest and a regular account are: - guest account has no password set - guest account is flagged as guest account in the customer and order table in aditional columns - once a customer leaves the checkout process without finishing and the session has expired, he can't log in again to the account, even the account has not been deleted (he has no password). But he can create again a new guest account without problems. - guest checkout is auto deleted once the order is correct finished in checkout success (if the customer does not opt in to keep the account and set a password) So all functionality like different shipping address etc. is exact the same like for regular accounts. rgds Rainer
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    Here is the monthly sales code, remember all i have done is make it work on BS4, the original code is unchanged and all credit is original coders. oscom-detailed-monthly-sales V1.0.zip
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    If you are refering to the official software then you look to be running a custom style so you will need to edit the stylesheet.css file includes/sts_templates/esjmain/styles/stylesheet.css If you are refering to a new frozen CE site then you can do that by editing the user.css or instal and use this addon. JcM Color Brand V1.0 take a look at this,
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    No Hooks in Bootstrap?

    If you don't like what we're doing in the Community Edition (in your words, "shoving stuff down your throat")...then it is simple; stay on the official osCommerce version. Official version is still useable, just nowhere near as useable as the Community Edition.
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    Can't login admin page

    It can be very frustrating when this happens, but you need to just take one step at a time. If you have made no changes since it was last worked then the only thingleft is your host making changes at server level. Just let them know what has happened and ask for help. On updating the PHP it's likely they may have moved or changed directorys/files. If the PHP selection is a new feature they have added then you may find the default setting are not as you need them and you may have to manuly adjust them to what you had before. As you can see from the error it's complaining about a file/directory path. Failed opening required '/hermes/bosnaweb18a/b1270/ipg.888eightrarechinacoi/includes/classes/action_recorder.php' (include_path='.:/usr/local/lib/php-5.5.22-amd64/lib/php' Just check each error one at a time and clear. Your host is the one you need to speak with on this.
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    Stripe Payment Module

    I have been trying to get the Stripe Payment module updated fora while, but can get no interest from anyone that knows what they are doing. Earlier last week I received the following email from Stripe. It now looks as if the current Stripe module will no longer work after 14th September unless there is an update. If the module is not updated, myself and others that use Stripe as a payment method will have to move to an ecommerce cart that has updated their payment system. Is there one developer out there that is prepared to update this module. I am sure costs could be discussed. I also assume that other payment modules will need to be updates also.
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    28d 2019, let's move the Project forward...

    28d10 - Hooks... I have Two Hooks for you today... 1. Checkout Progress Steps... This Hook changes the checkout progress bar so that it looks like this: Core Code Changes: BS4: NONE. Just upload the New file to overwrite the existing Hook. Language file included so you can change the words as you like. BS3: Checkout pages to include Hook. 2. Carts Merged... There is a situation in osCommerce where the customer can potentially checkout with unwanted items. It goes like this, customer logs in and adds item(s) to their cart, then logs out. She comes back a while later and adds in another item, then clicks checkout. At this point, she is redirected to checkout_shipping.php and it is possible to not notice the older items in cart (until the checkout_confirmation page). This Hook solves that by redirecting back to shopping_cart (after login) and adding a warning message; Core Code Changes: BS4 & BS3: 1 line of code for new Hook file inclusion. Want them? Message me.
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    28d 2019, let's move the Project forward...

    28d09 - Review Stars This module displays Stars and a link in the product_info page. Core Code Changes: NONE. System is 100% modular. Upload, and Turn On. Demo (any product on the demo site): https://template.me.uk/28d2019/product_info.php?products_id=19 (has a review) https://template.me.uk/28d2019/product_info.php?products_id=26 (does not) Interested: PM me if you want it and want to help the Project make more forward movement...
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    28d 2019, let's move the Project forward...

    28d06 - Admin Info Modules Three little modules that give the Shopowner some data about his Shop. Error Log If your site is creating Error Log, those Errors need to be solved. Install Date Shows the original Install Date of your Bootstrapped Shop. README.md Have you deleted the README file. Core Code Changes: NONE. System is 100% modular. Demo: No demo link as this is Admin Side! Interested: Get in touch.
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    Bug fixed to make product description show properly. You can simply replace the template file, or uninstall and replace files and reinstall. Sorry was just poor editing on my part. Full Pakage has been uploaded to apps.