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    KissIT Image Thumbnailer Support

    Uploaded update: KissIT image thumbnailer 3.3.0. Requires Phoenix Tested up to Phoenix Change log 3.3.0: Added Pi Gallery Kissit module Admin thumbs: hooked all modifications except tep_image function
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    Database Optimizer

    A new version has been uploaded with these changes: Changed call to defined location in database_optimizer.php. Found by @raiwa. Fixed some compatibility issues with php 7.3. Added a version for Phoenix. Removed the calls to load the filename and database files in the After 2.3 version. Replaced mysql_error with mysqli_error for php 7 compatibility. Found by @Demitry. Updated the included Version Checker file that works with the new apps section.
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    Discount Code BS

    Uploaded Update: Discount Codes 5.3.0. Compatibility: Phoenix, tested with Phoenix Updated order total module to abstract_module. Updated shopping cart content module to abstract_executable_module. Fixed some minor order total calculation errors. Thanks to @yahalimu for the report and sponsoring Changed checkout payment content module to hook and new page layout. Changed checkout process hook to checkout module. Switched off error reporting in discount.php to stabilize ajax processing if error reporting is on. Added accidentally removed "Include in order info" setting in admin/discount_codes.php.
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    Wholesale (SPPC lite)

    Uploaded update: Wholesale (SPPC lite) 4.2.0. Tested with Phoenix and Compatibility: Phoenix - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Older Phoenix 1.0.5.x versions please use Wholesale (SPPC lite) 4.1.1. Older Phoenix - 1.0.4.x versions please use Wholesale (SPPC lite) 4.1.0. Older Phoenix - 1.0.2.x versions please use Wholesale (SPPC lite) 4.0.1. Older 2.3.4.(1.) responsive BS versions please use Wholesale (SPPC Lite) 3.0.4 Older 2.3.4.(1.) versions please use Wholesale (SPPC Lite) 2.0 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks - To @ecartz for the help and guidance of the 4.2.0 update for Phoenix Change log: Version 4.2.0.: Update for Phoenix -, - Updated store module: changes of payment and shipping modules are now dynamically updated. No need to uninstall and reinstall the store module. - Update for customer data modules - Added customer data module to show customer group in customer account - Moved payment and shippin class mod to class override - Modularized an hooked all admin modifications NOTE: Pro version available with unlimited customer (wholesaler) groups Full Package Update instructions included
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    The image URLs are made by appending the image name to the image directory URL. So you only want the portion of the path after the images directory. In your example, that would be cat2/cat-test-01.jpg
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    Discount Code BS

    I just wanted to update the Discount Code AddOn and found that the above path is already fixed since version 5.2.0. You should use the latest AddOn versions
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    Mouse cursor active in the search box

    I have tried this and it works. Edit the file admin/categories.php. 1) Find the line at around line 888: Change it to: 2) Add this javascript to the bottom of the file: Done.
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    This one will run on any version of Phoenix.
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    It seems like every other question posted nowadays is about how to upgrade an older version of oscommerce and the op usually references the official version. This post is meant to provide a quick reference for how to convert an older shop to the current, recommended, one. First, the version that should be used is commonly called the Bootstrap, BS or Responsive version. It can be located here. One should not use the official version. The official version can be installed via the hosts control panel so it is easy to think that is the one to use - it is not. Since the BS version is not directly compatible with other versions, the following steps will be needed: Install the BS version into a new location Convert the database. See this thread for help with that. Install whatever addons the site needs. You need to be sure the addon will work with the BS version. This thread mentions specific ones but there are many others that will work. If in doubt, ask in the support thread for the addon in question. If you intend to use paypal, then install the Paypal App. At this point you should have a working shop. Test it thoroughly, especially the payment and shipping modules, before going live with it. When you are ready to go live, Mark your current shop as down for maintenance ( a simple index.html file is fine for this purpose ). Make a backup of the current shops database and files. Convert the database to the BS version. Replace all of the files with the new shops files. Edit the configure files so they work as the live shop. Remove the blocking page. If everything has gone correctly, the conversion should be complete.
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    Excludes based on page

    This is what I was getting at. Based on some condition just exclude the cart button and price. Or if someone bought it for 999999, I could just retire and not worry about any of this.
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    Auto Update Currencies

    A new version has been uploaded. It adds a version for Phoenix. No file changes are required.
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    Talk to Paypal. Talk to UPS. Talk to Facebook. Talk to your Bank. Nothing to do with osCommerce.
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    Attribute Images

    @LeeFoster @burt I uploaded the header tag it is functioning correctly. both the main image changes and the gallery is acting as I wanted. it woks even if u simply upload the images directly https://apps.oscommerce.com/Wo1Q8&options-with-images-show-in-main-image
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    Gift Vouchers Secure

    Yes, I've been working on it and, I think, it is ready to be uploaded. But the changes are significant so I need to test it more than I have. I think it will be uploaded in the next week or two.
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    Mouse cursor active in the search box

    I guess it is this code that I should change ? <?php echo tep_draw_form('search', 'categories.php', '', 'get'); echo HEADING_TITLE_SEARCH . ' ' . tep_draw_input_field('search'); echo tep_hide_session_id() . '</form>'; ?> </td> </tr> <tr> <td class="smallText" align="right"> <?php echo tep_draw_form('goto', 'categories.php', '', 'get'); echo HEADING_TITLE_GOTO . ' ' . tep_draw_pull_down_menu('cPath', tep_get_category_tree(), $current_category_id, 'onchange="this.form.submit();"'); echo tep_hide_session_id() . '</form>'; ?>
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    Perhaps to lull you into a false sense of security. Or because they didn't need it. Corrupt the 2.2 site directly. And use those permissions to try to corrupt the Edge site. This works if both subdomains use the same user behind the scenes. So corrupting the 2.2 site allows them to make changes to the Edge site. Or almost make changes. Perhaps they were unable to complete the hack. Perhaps adding the .mx files was only the first step. If they had completed the hack, you might never have known because they would have cleaned up after themselves.
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    Google is not indexing my website

    How do you know you are being blocked? Did you get a message or is it just that you are not seeing your site when checking google? You should login to your webmaster tools account, or create one if you don't have one. If it is a new account, it might be a while before they visit the site but it is usually within days. You may also want to look at this page.
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    Google is not indexing my website

    You don't need to make any changes to get google to crawl your site. There are many changes you can make to improve what gets listed and how well it ranks but the actual listing is done without any effort, assuming your site has not been banned by them. To see what they have listed, use this to search on google: site:your url
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    Payfast Module for Phoenix

    @Jenwing When you contact them, be sure to mention that you are running Phoenix, and not the old version of osC. Also tell them that you will be running PHP v7.x M
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    Installation issues

    Phoenix is the official Community Edition of osCommerce, which (in short) means that it is made by the Community and looked after by the Community - that is Shopowners, PRO developers, amateur developers and even some who do not use this software (as they know that the work we do benefits their cart) - all doing their best to make the Project thrive. Solomono has no input on and no connection to Phoenix. I suggest you try both. That will answer a lot of your questions.
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    Installation issues

    Try it. If you like it use it. They are a partner of osCommerce. Know that if you need support for a 3rd party offering, you are tied to them as that is not allowed on this Forum, so you have to get support by whatever mechanism they themselves provide.
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    Installation issues

    Download page: yellow button.
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    Installation issues

    My guess would be that something went wrong with the FTP upload. Try it again. You could also upload just the install.php file. But usually it's not just one file that goes missing. So either do the whole thing or at least the install directory (and all contents). You might check that you aren't out of filesystem quota. Some hosts have limits.
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    How do I install Oscommerce

    It's the same as it has always been... just follow the simple steps. Step by step oscommerce install
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    Featured Products BS

    Featured Products CE v2.1.1. Tested and working with Phoenix One small Notice error in: admin/featured_products.php can be fixed like this: change line 122 to: echo tep_draw_input_field('expdate', (isset($fInfo->expires_date) ? substr($fInfo->expires_date, 0, 4) . '-' . substr($fInfo->expires_date, 5, 2) . '-' . substr($fInfo->expires_date, 8, 2) : ''), 'class="form-control" id="expdate"'); "isset" instead of "tep_not_null"