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    Gary @burt Just wanted to say a big thank you for all the work you put into this. It is appreciated my some. I hope you get the support to move things forward as much as you need.
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    28d28 - Ajax Cart Buttons The fourth and final of my more "interesting" mods. This one changes buy buttons to Ajax, so no page reload required when pressing the Buy button. Shop Side HT module Core Code Changes: NONE. System is 100% modular. Upload, and Turn On. If on CE older than Frozen, some changes will be needed to bring it up to scratch. Demo: Any "buy" button, sitewide... Category https://template.me.uk/28d2019/index.php?cPath=1_5 Manufacturer https://template.me.uk/28d2019/index.php?manufacturers_id=4 Product https://template.me.uk/28d2019/product_info.php?products_id=28 Which pops up a window like this:
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    Frozen bug list

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    28d26 - Carousel (with Buttons) It's a carousel (we all know what they are) but this one has buttons so that the person viewing knows what is upcoming ni the next window. Shop Side index content module Admin Side Nothing, uses the core "Banner Manager" system. Core Code Changes: NONE. System is 100% modular. Upload, and Turn On. Demo: https://template.me.uk/28d2019/ Notes: Totally multi-lingual, both the message overlaid on the image and the corresponding button underneath.
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    28d24 - MSRP (per product) Today we have a system that allows Shopowner to insert a MSRP (Recommended Price) per product. Admin Side New Page for attaching MSRP to Product Shop Side p_i content module Core Code Changes: NONE. System is 100% modular. Upload, and Turn On. Demo: https://template.me.uk/28d2019/product_info.php?products_id=6 Obviously, you can pretty the output up as much as you like.
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    28d 2019, let's move the Project forward...

    28d21 - Bundled Products (sorry for early post, I am unavailable almost all day tomorrow) For d21 I have the third of four "bigger" mods. This one allows you to sell a Bundle of Products. Admin Side New Page for creating Bundles Shop Side module that display the Bundle module that reduces stock appropriately Core Code Changes: NONE. System is 100% modular. Upload, turn on, create Bundle(s). Demo: https://template.me.uk/28d2019/product_info.php?products_id=29 This is the "Stephen Seagal" bundle - where all products are available in required quantities... https://template.me.uk/28d2019/product_info.php?products_id=30 This is a "test" bundle where one of the product does not have sufficient stock Admin Hook Also included is a Admin Side HOOK - which means you do need to have the Hooked Order page installed - comes as standard in Responsive... This Hook shows shopowner a quick reminder of Bundled Content for easy stock-picking. Delivery: As noted earlier, I am out most of the day tomorrow, so this one will come to you late tomorrow night (or poss friday morning if I do not get back in time).
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    The idiot that coded these things...should have done a little more testing. It's definitely shopowners who are the best testers... So, a few bugfixes have just been sent out - mostly very minor. In all cases, just upload the files included to replace the old. Thank You to all who pointed out my mis-steaks 👍
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    28d27 - Spotlight Products This new system allows you to easily "Spotlight" products on each category or manufacturer. Shop Side Content Module Admin Side New Page for inserting Spotlights Core Code Changes: NONE. System is 100% modular. Upload, and Turn On. Demo: https://template.me.uk/28d2019/index.php?cPath=3_10 (scroll down to "Favorites") https://template.me.uk/28d2019/index.php?manufacturers_id=4 (Ditto) Enjoy!
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    28d25 - PDF (per order) Today we have a system that allows Shopowner to attach (an already made by you) PDF to each Order Shop Side account content module hook Core Code Changes: NONE. System is 100% modular. Upload, and Turn On. Demo: None as admin side and account (must be logged in), but here's some images; Admin Side: There is no PDF attached to this Order, so an upload form shows. A PDF has been attached to this Order, on upload it gets renamed to a random name. In the Shop Side, each Order that has a PDF will show like this, which is a link to the PDf to allow to view/save by the Customer. Enjoy!
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    Update uploaded: Purchase without account BS 3.0.5. Changes Version. 3.0.5 - fix in admin/reviews.php to show guest reviews flagged. Thanks to @Demitry
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    28d22 - Multi Tier Cross Selling Today is a mod that allows you to set up Multi Tier Cross Selling. What's that? For each product, you can set up other products that (eg); Better. product that does the job better. Related. product that is related. Worse. product that does a worse job. (hmm, maybe this one could be better named ;)) Of course, you can decide to change Better/Similar/Worse to eg: More Luxurious/Cheaper Alternative/Own Brand Whatever you want. I'm sure you get the idea. What is included: Admin Side New Page for creating Better/Similar/Worse Cross Sells Shop Side TAB Modules that display the relevant Cross Sells Because I coded the Tabs independantly of each other, you could just use two tabs of the three available, or even just one tab for one layer of cross selling. It's FLEXIBLE! Core Code Changes: NONE. System is 100% modular. Upload, turn on, create Cross Sell(s). Demo: https://template.me.uk/28d2019/product_info.php?products_id=24 Scroll down to the Tab Section. Tab Names are changeable as explained. I just Better/Related/Worse for ease of explaining. Admin Tab
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    That thing, where, at the very last moment before pressing "send"...you think of a better way to do one part of the mod. So, 28d21 has had a slight recode, but is broadly similar to what you see above. The main difference is the HOOK file, which now looks like this: This is about to be sent inside the next 5 minutes! Apology for delay.
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    php 7.2 - updating CE

    I've a little bit of time in hand and it seems like this is the next necessary thing to solve, the use of php7.2. But I need your help to point out any problematic area so that attention can be given to them. To help...you'll need an installation of CE (any flavour that is Frozen or later) running on php 7.2 - with error reporting dialled right up. To set up error_reporting to show everything that is wrong: includes/application_top.php Find: error_reporting(E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE & ~E_DEPRECATED & ~E_STRICT); Change to: ini_set('display_errors', 1); ini_set('display_startup_errors', 1); error_reporting(E_ALL); admin/includes/application_top.php Find: error_reporting(E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE); if (defined('E_DEPRECATED')) { error_reporting(E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE & ~E_DEPRECATED); } Change to: ini_set('display_errors', 1); ini_set('display_startup_errors', 1); error_reporting(E_ALL); Save both files. Obviously...you DO NOT want to do this on a live shop as it will show errors to your customers, so hopefully a few people have a test shop to play with... Now if you browse your test shop...all warning and errors will appear. Thank you in advance. Please copy/paste the following as a reply: URL: WARNING/ERROR:
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    Shipping table is now a real table :)

    Today I decided I got angry for the last time updating a table rate based module. Afer several tryouts to change the shipping rates just to see I had a typo in the values string -damned colons- and having to manually calculate the net prices for each row from the gross that came from the table provided by the courier... I had enough and modified the table rate module to show a real table where you can see what you're doing. Uses some javascript to update net/gross, add or remove rows and do some basic checks. It can be adapted to any other module that uses the same system. Note: The net pice is caclulated based on the tax class from the module. It will apply only to the countries in the module's zone and it's not savet to database but calculated on the fly. For this column to work you need to set up the tax rate first, save and enter the module configuration again. Here is the file: https://apps.oscommerce.com/wyYLv&sgipping-table-module-update @burt you can replace the stock one if you consider it fits the community project.
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    Adding Footer Information Pages?

    We all have to learn new tricks! 😊 use one of the many editors to get the basic stuff done! lots available both free and paid I personaly use https://pingendo.com/ It's a paid version for BS4 Or just use the bootstrap resources. if you're feeling adventurous and wish to do new page layouts and other stuff then use something more powerfull such as https://mobirise.com/bootstrap-builder/ You can then chop out the bits of code you need and use them. The options are endless.
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    28d is hard to find and lacks publicity I think. shame there is so little turnout as your work on osc is immeasurable
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    Frozen bug list

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    Frozen bug list

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    Frozen bug list

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    Frozen bug list

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    If you never set this add-on up in your admin then it's not to blame for your issues! I would imagin that in the 2 or 3 times you have installed other seo add-ons you have managed to mess up your redirects. I would recomend restoring your test site from your last known working backup.
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    @burt #me-too!!! Excellent value for money, I have implemented most of the 28 add-ons. It even took me to some exrtra ideas, which I also put on the site. However I am not on Frozen (as I found out in the process) Gary helped me out all the time. Carry on Gary!
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    28d23 - Units On Order d23 brings a system that allows you to easily tell customers how many Units are on re-order from your supplier, and the expected date that you will have them in your hands. Admin Side New Page for adding the detail to the Product. New Dashboard Module to remind you what is on re-order. Shop Side module that display the # of units and expected date on a per-product basis Core Code Changes: NONE. System is 100% modular. Upload, turn on, set up re-order on each product, as and when. Demo: https://template.me.uk/28d2019/product_info.php?products_id=28 Enjoy! Shop Side: Admin Page: Dashboard Module:
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    Smoky Barnable

    Addon Feedback

    @JcMagpie These are your addons and support threads and the community will benefit from them. Please reconsider offering public support. I know it can be distracting having to read posts from "professionals" that feel threatened by you, but I think it's best to not take the bait and simply ignore/report inappropriate posts.
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    Addon Feedback

    The interest of a forum is to be able to read both the question AND the answer. We are rarely the only one to have a problem. Find the answer on the forum, it helps a lot, lived experience. If the answer is made only by PM, it does not help the community at all.