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    I found the cause of my problem in the response of another thread when, on September 1, my remaining PayPal payment option stopped working. The problem was simple. My paypal.com.crt file was an old one that was only about 12K. Once I put the current one, which is about 14K in the ext/modules/payment/paypal folder everything started working again. Here's the one that works: paypal.com.crt
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    Note that these notices have been there all along. The update would only have revealed them. Most likely by defaulting display_errors to on. It should never be set on in production. So you should get that turned off regardless. In general, replacing $variable with (isset($variable) ? $variable : null) will get rid of the notices. However, this is essentially the same as just turning down the error reporting, as null is the default value of an undeclared variable. The notice is basically telling you that it is doing this for you. The real fix is often to code the add-ons differently. E.g. in if (false) { $variable = 'value'; } if ('value' == $variable) { If those are the only two occurrences, you could fix this by $variable = null; if (false) { $variable = 'value'; } if ('value' == $variable) { But watch out that it isn't really if (true) { $variable = 'default'; } // doing $variable = null here would overwrite the previous value if (false) { $variable = 'value'; } if ('value' == $variable) { Note that these statements do not have to be in the same file. There isn't a strictly mechanical solution. Removing the notices properly requires understanding why they are shown and changing appropriately to that particular situation. There isn't a simple rule to apply that would be better than turning down the error reporting. Sometimes the notice may be telling you that something is wrong. E.g. $typo = true; if ($tyop) { Which can be fixed by correcting the spelling in the second line.
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    Where to buy templates for Phoenix?

    This has been one of the useful apps implementing different bootstrap themes https://apps.oscommerce.com/op70T&jcm-more-new-themes-header-tags-v1-1&v=cephoenix10
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    For the most part, templates have a different meaning nowadays as compared to five or so years ago. The following is all that is needed to get a unique look, though some steps may not be simple, depending on your experience level. Install whatever addons you need to change appearances. Image sliders are popular in many templates but there are many other addons that will add unique features to the site. Change the layout of the modules to give it a unique look. Like only one column for infoboxes, or none at all. Change the colors of the shop to your liking. This can mostly be done via css files. The trick is in finding which class to change. With Phoenix, you can make all of the above changes fairly easily and, maybe, without any code changes. This is why you don't see template shops selling templates. It just isn't worth their time to make css changes and provide some images, in my opinion. You may need to make code changes in some situations, like not showing the breadcrumb or infoboxes on the home page but show them on other pages. But you can pretty much change the complete appearance of a shop with the above three steps.
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    Where to buy templates for Phoenix?

    I am starting this week with development of a template (that's to say try 😉) ......... Any guidance is very much appreciated!
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    manufacturer image

    Yes, it is possible. As mentioned, I haven't tried it so there may be something else needed to make it work in oscommerce. But there are many examples of it on the web. Here is one you can probably use.
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    That is a bad use of array_key_exists. Replacing it with if (isset($GLOBALS['customer']) && $GLOBALS['customer'] instanceof customer) { will always return the same answer and be faster. Because isset is faster than array_key_exists and because it saves the instanceof check in a circumstance when it always fails. The only time to use array_key_exists is when you need to know the difference between never set and defined but set to null. Which you don't here. Because if it is null, it is not an instance of customer. So the expression will return false whenever isset and array_key_exists return different results regardless of which is used. It is pretty rare to be in a situation where one should use array_key_exists. It gets recommended by people who are offended that PHP traditionally treated all undeclared variables as having a value of null. But the truth is that there are very few situations where one wants to know if something was not declared versus declared with a null value. And of course most of those situations can be fixed by simply setting explicitly to false rather than null. So it's pretty much only when interacting with someone else's code that one has any reason to use array_key_exists over isset. In this particular case, array_key_exists is itself slower and in addition, whenever it returns true and isset false, the instanceof will be false. So it will be even slower (because it does the instanceof check after getting a true from array_key_exists) to return the exact same result as isset. Note that (isset($GLOBALS['customer']) || array_key_exists('customer', $GLOBALS)) is faster (on average) than using array_key_exists alone. But as I said, in this particular case, you want a false result when the two differ anyway. So it's both easier and faster to just use isset.
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    KissIT Image Thumbnailer Support

    Uploaded update: KissIT image thumbnailer 3.4.1. Requires Phoenix Tested with Phoenix Change log 3.4.1: Updated for Phoenix - updated image path in reset thumbs function. Thanks to @wildball - fixed some errors in instructions. Thanks to @dcully - added missing support to reset admin thumbs. Thanks to @dcully
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    Uploaded PWA 4.3.2 Purchase without account 4.3.2 Compatibility: OSCOM CE Phoenix Tested with Phoenix PHP 7.0-7.3 Changes Version. 4.3.2 - fixed error in admin reviews hook. Thanks to @discxpress - updated version info in login module. Thanks to @discxpress
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    Now it's working and the review appears on the product page. Thanks for your help 😊
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    Thanks, that helped. Please change that line 133 to: if ( !isset($action) || ($action != 'edit' && $action != 'new' && $action != 'preview') ) {
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    manufacturer image

    The code for the dropdown will ignore the image so adding it to the array won't help. I think changing this line 'text' => $manufacturers['manufacturers_name']); to this should work though I haven't tested it. 'text' => $manufacturers['manufacturers_image'] . ' ' . $manufacturers['manufacturers_name']);
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    Russian Language for Phoenix

    @Fredi, I’m grateful for your language pack. for my configuration oscommerce version = mysql version = 5.5.5-10.4.12-MariaDB php version = 7.4.3 there is a little warning in Admin index.php: Warning: Use of undefined constant DIR_FS_DOWNLOAD - assumed 'DIR_FS_DOWNLOAD' (this will throw an Error in a future version of PHP) in ../admin/includes/languages/russian/modules/security_check/download_directory.php on line 13 it's: define('WARNING_DOWNLOAD_DIRECTORY_NON_EXISTENT', 'Каталога для виртуальных (загружаемых) товаров не существует: ' . DIR_FS_DOWNLOAD . '. Загружаемые товары не будут работать пока эта директория не создана.'); so, i fix it: const WARNING_DOWNLOAD_DIRECTORY_NON_EXISTENT = 'Каталога для виртуальных (загружаемых) товаров не существует: [%s]. Загружаемые товары не будут работать пока эта директория не создана.';
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    Stripe v3 module for SCA

    It has been last tested on Phoenix and may need an update. Please be patient.
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    It works with Newer versions require an update. Coming soon, please be patient. 😉
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    This is telling you that there is no entry for the given product and language in the products_description table. Either switch to a language that does have an entry in the table or add an entry for your current language.
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    Thanks Fredi. A new site and a new version is coming soon. The tool does require PHP allow exec as well as remote fopen. I will be making all of my add-ons available without the use of the toolbox as it was more of a proof of concept.
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    Slim Checkout for BS

    Uploaded Version 1.2 Slim Checkout 1.2 Compatible with Phoenix Tested with Phoenix - updated for Phoenix
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    Slim Checkout for BS

    Thanks for trying. You can adjust it in the module:
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    Slim Checkout for BS

    @cupidare, Here the updated version for Phoenix Tested with Phoenix Slim_Checkout_1.2.zip Please try and report back. I'll then upload it to the marketplace.
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    Information Pages SEO addon

    Good catch on the database error. I do apologize for the problems it caused. The previous versions used INFORMATION_PAGES_SEO_XREF_USE_UL' but it was changed to INFORMATION_PAGES_SEO_FOOTER_XREF_USE_UL' to allow handling the bod id's easier. And I see now that IO forgot to mention that as part of the update. Regarding the position of the box, the answer depends on how the recently viewed addon is placing the code. This addon is using a hook for that box. The only way hooks are sortable are by their names so if that addon uses a hook, you could do some renaming to get them placed as you want. But if it is using a module, you can't do it.
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    Information Pages SEO addon

    If you did a new installation, then the database should be correct. But if you did an update, you may have to run the install script twice, depending on the version. On the second run, or maybe the first one, there will be a button that says run with reset. Click on that and any new differences will be applied.
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    How To Install SSL Correctly

    @XplorMedia There are 3 areas that need to be set up correctly ... 1) Your website is XplorMedia.com. It is NOT www.XplorMedia.com. Note the www. prefix. You need to make sure that your SSL certificate and website name match. 2a) You need to make sure your .htaccess file redirects people to the correct name. In other words, if people type www.XplorMedia.com, your .htaccess file needs to redirect them to XplorMedia.com (without the www.). 2b) Your .htaccess file must then redirect people to your https:// site. 3) In osCommerce, there are two configuration files: <shop root>/includes/configure.php <shop root>/<your admin directory>/includes/configure.php BOTH of these need to be edited to reflect that you are using a SSL certificate. For example, <?php define('HTTP_SERVER', 'https://XplorMedia.com'); define('HTTPS_SERVER', 'https://XplorMedia.com'); define('ENABLE_SSL', true); Note that there is no www. in the URLs (since your site, and SSL certificate aren't using it), that the httpS is in BOTH URLs, and that ENABLE_SSL is set to true. HTH Malcolm
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    JcM Footer Modal Cart V1.6.2 Updated to: To fix class error “PHP Deprecated: Methods with the same name as their class will not be constructors in a future version of PHP”
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    Wholesale (SPPC lite)

    Hello Pierre @Peper, You can disable the ot_discount.php module for wholesalers like follows: - add $wholesale_group to the globals list - disable the whole process function for wholesaler groups with the condition "if ($wholesale_group < 1)" It should look like this: function process() { global $order, $currencies, $currency, $customer_id, $discount, $sess_discount_code; // wholesale (SPPC) BEGIN global $wholesale_group; if ($wholesale_group < 1) { $discount = 0; $subtotal_correction = 0; $tax_correction = 0; $shipping_discount = 'false'; ............... if (!empty($discount)) { $this->output[] = array('title' => (($shipping_discount == 'true')? TEXT_SHIPPING_DISCOUNT : TEXT_DISCOUNT) . (strpos($check['discount_values'], '%') ? ' ' . $check['discount_values'] . ' ' : '') . (!empty($order_info) ? ' (' . $sess_discount_code . ')' : '') . ':', 'text' => '<font color="#ff0000">-' . $discount_formatted . '</font>', 'value' => -$discount); } } // wholesale (SPPC) END } I didn't test, but it should do it. You can also disable the discount code input modules in the same way. See also the instructions at the beginning in "Manual file modifications.doc". rgds Rainer