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    JcM Custom ColorBox header_tags V1.1 Has been updated so you can turn off title in admin.
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    JcM Product info description_tabs Select Has been update by request. This is a new add-on to prevent any confusion with older version. JcM Product info description_tabs Select V1.0 Disable Tab 2 if you are using your SEO key words! Has been updated to add tab selection. You can now turn of all tabs except the first one. All changes are in admin. In admin set tabs display, you only need to change the disable box as it will hide tab and content. Everything else is as before. Made as new add-on to avoid any confusion with other version. Code has all so been simplified to remove js script tabs they are now bootstrap and BS3 and BS4 have own files so use the correct ones for your site.
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    JcM Custom ColorBox header_tags V1.0 JcM Custom ColorBox header_tags V1.0 addon CE BS4 & BS3 This will allow you to customise your colorbox gallery.
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    JcM Promotions Modal Box V1.0 A simple add-on to let you add a Promotions Modal button onto your site. It’s a no core code change and no db change add-on. It will give you a tabbed modal with 4 tabs. These are totally customisable by you in admin. You use them as you like just change the text and content in admin.
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    For those few who need it, support for my add-on’s will be by PM only until further notice.