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    Cost and Gross Margin in Admin Thank you for this add-on. It is very useful. I combine this add-on and the little mod submitted by YePix, and now I get the following info displayed. Now, whenever I enter a value in any of the 3 boxes, the margin will update automatically. A big thank to you. I am willing to share the code with you if you require, though I believe you are able to do the same yourself. Cheers!
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    I wondered if there are any and it made me smile :D https://remoteok.io/remote-oscommerce-jobs
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    Developers, it's now possible to link your support topics to your submissions at the Apps Marketplace!
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    JcM Image Disclaimer V1.0 Phoenix This is a simple add-on for product information page. It will allow you to Place an image disclaimer message next to your images.
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    Just a little halloween fun! Halloween Bats and Bugs Phoenix V1.2
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    JcM Store Close Phoenix V1.0 This is an add-on that lets you close your store to orders being placed. It contains 2 modules.
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    Thanks for updating the Sales Reports admin add on! Works great! Kind Regards, Peter
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    JcM Header Jam on Toast V1.0 Phoenix This is a header add-on that lets you place a bootstrap “toast” pop-up onto any page/pages on your site.
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    JcM No Stock Header Tags-V1.1 Updated to allow color to be set in admin and to display no stock message and remove buy text.
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    JcM Be Social sidebar Header_tag V1.0 A simple add-on to let you place a Social Media sidebar onto your site.
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    JcM Product info tabs Select Product info Tabs will now allow for a much simpler cleaner layout of the product info page JcM Product info description_tabs Select V2.0 Phoenix
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    JcM New Custom Specials Box V1.3 This is a new add-on it has been re coded to improve the function so it can display all set specials. The number of specials to display can be set in admin.
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    JcM Header Stock Banner V1.0 Phoenix This is a simple header add-on that lets you place banner at the top of your site. This makes use of the stock banner manager that comes with osC.
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    JcM Bestsellers Box spinner V1.0 Phoenix A simple add-on to let you place a bestsellers carousel with “hot!” card on the site.
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    JcM Links Header V1.0 Phoenix A simple add-on’s that allows you to display a number of links in the header of your site.
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    JcM WhatsApp Floating Button V1.3 A simple add-on that places a WhatsApp floating button onto your site. Your customer can then contact you using WhatsApp.
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    JcM Product Info My Cart V1.1 A simple add-on that allows you to display the shopping cart on the product info page. This allows the customer to seee what they have in there cart as they move from product to product.
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    Featured products with Ribbon v2.3.4.1CE Has been updated to include Jack's fix.
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    JcM Current Bestsellers Box V1.0 CE A simple add-on to let you display a Current Bestsellers Box on your site This allows you to set the number of days from which the best sellers are selected. If no sales made in that period nothing is displayed.
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    JcM Product listing no stock Buy Button A simple add-on to let you display buy button on product list pages. This button will change if stock is zero and prevent the product from being added to cart.
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    JcM Index Page Tumblr Blog CE BS4/3 A simple add-on to let you place your tumbler blog onto your site index page.
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    JcM Custom Store Info Box CEBS4/3 Updated to V1.3 to clean code and make multilingual.
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    GDPR & info Modal tabs popup CE BS3/4 V1.2 full package by JcMagpie 14-3-2019 GDPR & info Modal tabs popup v2.3.4.1 CE V1.2 Updated to clean code , make multilingual and add BS4.
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    JcM Custom ColorBox header_tags V1.1 Has been updated so you can turn off title in admin.
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    JcM Product info Page Share or Contact V1.0. A simple add-on to let your customers share a product info page or contact you from a product info page.