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    Merry Xmas to all. Hopefully we all will have a peaceful week or two off and come back in 2019 with recharged battery.
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    😂 No not dead but definitely in ICU. Without a proper development path it will slowly get worse if thing don’t change. We have already seen a number of people on the forum try frozen get frustrated and go use something else. I’m sure a group of diehard users ( like me ) will keep slogging away with it but that's not the same thing as a thriving growing user group. There is only so much one person!
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    I wondered if there are any and it made me smile :D https://remoteok.io/remote-oscommerce-jobs
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    Developers, it's now possible to link your support topics to your submissions at the Apps Marketplace!
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    JcM Product info Stock V1.0 Simple add-on to show stock on product info page V1.0
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    JcM Product info Page Share or Contact V1.0. A simple add-on to let your customers share a product info page or contact you from a product info page.
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    JcM Custom Calendar Box CE BS4/BS3 A simple add-on to let you place a Custom Calendar box onto your site. There a lots of events calenders available to use both paid and free. These let you set up events for your business and then display the events calender on your site. As not everyone may wish to use the same calendar provider this add-on lets you display one of your own selection.
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    JcM Google Calendar CE BS4/BS3 A simple add-on to let you place a Google Calendar onto your site. This is nothing new Google calender has been around for a while and can be very useful if used well. It makes it easy to add events to your shop and let your customers see what is coming up. Google does all the hard work for you which is nice.
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    JcM Custom Information Modal CE BS4/BS3 A simple add-on to let you place a Custom Modal Button onto your site.
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    Support thread for Product info description_tabs CE Has been updated to Version 1.9 You can now add color to each tab to make them a bit more in keeping with your styling. 
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    JcM Be Social Box CE BS4/BS3 A simple add-on to let you place a Social Media Box onto your site.
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    JcM footer-header Be Social V1.0 It’s hard marketing your businesses online in a crowded market these days. This is why you should take every opportunity to increase your viability on line. Social media is one simple way to do this. Stock osC has a social media function built in but it’s a bit plain!
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    “With every mistake, we must surely be learning.” George Harrison
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    Hey, awesome recaptcha module, easy install! TX
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    Wishing everyone a happy new year 😊
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    Developer Feedback Channel All, please refrain from posting in the Developer Feedback channel unless you are; 1. A client of the developer 2. The developer (ie, right of reply) Thank You.
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    Please ask your questions in the general forum. You'll get better answers there anyway. Regards Jim
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    Ahh what a glorious day! I think osCommerce has a very bright future. Have a great day everyone!
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    It's a start http://nimb.ws/ZDrxcT
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    The Third installment of the 28d Project is in the works. See the topic below.
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    I didn't dig around to see if you tackled this already but if not, it might be good candidate for your 28 days of coding.
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    Wishing everyone a very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2018 in advance!!! Shall the oscommerce community prosper and gain more milestones in future!!!!
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    if you drop a core issue I will press the like button
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    Happy New Year ~ Bonne Année ~ Buon Anno ~ Ein glückliches neues Jahr ~ Счастливого Нового года ~ fortunately some people here ARE polyglots and proud of it!