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    JcM footer Brands/Logo's V1.0 CE A simple add-on that allows you to display brand / logo’s in the footer
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    JcM Product Info My Cart V1.1 A simple add-on that allows you to display the shopping cart on the product info page. This allows the customer to seee what they have in there cart as they move from product to product.
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    JcM Adverts Header V1.0 CE BS3/4 A simple add-on that allows you to display adverts in a carousel in the header It’s a simple no core change add-on so just copy files over go to admin and install and setup. It is setup to allow 3 slides for display. These can be images or videos or any combination.
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    Ok it looks as if the CSS Pseudo-Elements for fontawesome were not working on all versions of CE. No idea why it could be they have droped them from the free version. If anyone knows why then post please. To fix this have added a class option so all you do is add the fas fa-chevron-up or anything else in admin and all should be good. Use only one option class or CSS Pseudo-Elements not both. JcM Back to Top Header Tags-V1.2