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    From this point forward any thread or post containing personal insults or general negativity towards osCommerce or any of its Team Members will be removed. Please report such threads or posts using the usual reporting procedure. Thank You
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    2.4 Full B2B integration make

    2.4 Full B2B integration make
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    2.4 easy export database for 2.4.x make and other shopping cart like Creaload, Zencart, Opencart. So you can make than you want to import the data other shopping cart
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    2.4 Conversion weight is now included kg, pouds, ounce ... is not problem now ! More news coming !
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    Working on Bootstrapped admin for CE.
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    2.4 inject hook capability inside html code for the most important files. Customize where you want without to touch the main files.
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    100 APPS - + 300 modules avalaible soon for 2.4 final and surprised :)