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    Harald Ponce de Leon

    Thank You

    Hi All.. 21 years - what a ride. I'm stepping down from all of my duties and want to thank everyone for the support provided to me, the team, and fellow members in the community. Holbi have been hard at work since the beginning of the year, bringing in fresh energy and a new direction. There's an exciting time ahead for the community! My farewell thank you to the community: https://medium.com/@haraldpdl/thank-you-62b5a49f12d3 ✌️
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    Phoenix and the community editions never cared about compatibility with SEO URLs. If I were you I would stay on my working shop and wait for the release of V4, even though there is no confirmed release date and no one knows if it will be production ready when released. But at least from the information shared there will be a built in migration path for URLs. Or you can commit SEO suicide and abandon SEO URLs to continue on with Phoenix.