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    Next osCommerce v4 demo

    Hi there! @osCommerce-Official Well, currently I make a new OSCommerce shop, under OSCommerce 2.3.x (well, last stable branch I mean). As you know I'm patiently (impatient lol), to see as developper, which code is the OSCommerce V4 contain ! I don't really like "meeting demo", "video recording", because I like concrete things, I like test myself. (you know, some nowadays developers use for some OpenStreetMaps over Google Maps, so.. why using a proprietary Google Meet for showing demos???) I like interactive demo, where I can explore both: source code and visual rendering. From as i see, that V4 is doesn't yet ready, I don't lose interest to that project, (indeed not), but, I'm really feeling communication is more for "end-user people" than "developers one". Please release the source code (at least a screenshot), and better if you give a gitHub repository which, us, developers can explore from our own hands and eyes ! Thanks for the reading. Have a good ending week. Wish the best for V4 OSCommerce!