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    It is possible to configure, enable and disable multiple modules that together constitute Orders in osCommerce v4. There exists a special Order Structure menu under Modules, which to a degree extends what used to be Order Totals in previous versions of osCommerce. As with all the modules, we have made it possible for osCommerce developers to create an add their own Order structure modules. Currently existing modules are as follows: Their position (which can be re-arranged by using the drag-and-drop feature) defines how the system uses them for every order. Each order total module has a number of settings, including restrictions and positioning: It is possible to set, for example, the shipping fee, to include tax on the checkout pages, but exclude tax on the invoices.
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    Me too, and it's not only a thought: "Application software (app for short) is a program or group of programs designed for end-users.". And app sounds too much like apple. For me Add-On or contribution
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    Shipping methods

    I make the same comment as payment methods. Availability of shipping modules is a make or break deciding factor when choosing an ecommerce solution. Probably more so than payment. I believe it would be best to offer standalone and realtime. Stand alone: Flat based on order value or weight Free based on order value Table rates, as per 2.3 zones rates as per 2.3 Real Time To be truly global the ideal is to offer a real time shipping module for the country’s government carrier. So for US, is it USPS, for Canada it is Canada Post etc. At least for the top 10 osCommerce country users. You’d need to research that. Any other method that is supported by the osCommerce team should be in the box and anything in the box should be free. For USA, people need FedEx and UPS and DHL. For shipping it has to handle non-dimensional and dimensional shipping. It has to be able to configure the max weight per carrier. Freight has to be considered but anything that handles freight could be app store. These are just my random thoughts on a Saturday morning 🙂
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    Payment methods

    Availability of payment methods is a deciding factor when choosing an ecommerce solution. If we want people to use os Commerce V4 versus other open source, we need to offer as many as possible free of charge out of the box - on and offline. In principal, I think all payment modules supported by the osCommerce team themselves should be included. Any not supported by them should be in the app store. All included should be free to use. Offline needs to include Check. Online definitely needs to include Stripe.
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    Yes, that's correct except there are two edits to make. Just search for http: to find the other one.