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    Reviews Navbar Header Module BS

    Reviews Navbar Header Module Phoenix 3.1 Changes Version 3.:1 - Updated for Phoenix - More code modernization to match core modules Compatibility: Phoenix CE Tested with Phoenix PHP: 7.0 - 7.4 Phoenix CE - please use Version 3.0 Phoenix CE - please use Version 2.0 Pro Version available which includes ther following Navbar and Header Modules: New Products (What's New) Specials (Special Offers) Manufacturers Best Sellers Reviews Testimonials Order History
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    AJAX Attribute Manager support

    Hello @Patrick_R, hello @zeeshop, First of all, your questions should be posted in the support threads of QtPro and Options Images. Even Attributes Manager includes support for them, the errors are primary in these Apps, not in Attributes Manager. Second, both Apps are not updated yet for Phoenix They are on my update list. Please be patient.
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    Store Mode BS

    Updated with the above fix: Store Mode Phoenix 1.4.1 Compatibility: OSCOM Phoenix PHP: 7.0 - 7.4 Tested with Phoenix Changes 1.4.1: - Applied typo fix in store module. Thanks to @vmn
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    Header Tags SEO

    Hello Jack, With Phoenix of course I can not adapt the categories.php with the Header Tags code. I know you must be overwhelmed with work as Phoenix upgrades so often but when you have a chance if you could just take a look. I appreciate it. Have a good night.
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    Header Tags SEO

    A version for hasn't been released.