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    App updated: https://apps.oscommerce.com/Imrlq&ultimate-seo-urls-rewritter-for-phoenix Updated to work with Phoenix from to Removed unused configuration option. Now the app can be installed/uninstalled from admin. Added x-default hreflang tag. Corrected hreflang links not using language character conversion when another language page is loaded. Corrected canonical tags for index page if force remove index.php is enabled. Navbar and box language selections can now show/hide current language.
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    KissIT Image Thumbnailer Support

    Found the list messed up again after searching a product, which is linked to a 2nd folder. Decided to add classes to the <th> tags, so we can exclude the choosen classes: $('table tbody td:has([href*="pID={$products_id}&"])').parent().find('th').not('.pmodel').not('.pname').addClass('pname').before('<th class="pmodel">{$products_model}</th>'); this works for me even with three links 😉
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    First visit pop up box

    I've now updated it to better match the appearance of Phoenix. Only issue I have now is that whenever I save it the status is set to inactive and I have to set it in the list view.
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    Let's discuss EU-based shopowners issues regarding BREXIT here..... That's for EU owners selling into the UK.
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    That's correct. However, OSC should be flexible to support all cases. OSC is not limited to just one case.
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    Muchas gracias Rainer!!! Se que están pasando un mal momento en España. Ojala todo mejore pronto, cuídate mucho!!!
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    Uploaded Versión for OSCOM CE Phoenix Español para OsC CE https://github.com/raiwa/OSCOM-CE-Phoenix-Spanish-language-idioma-espanol Includes some minor fixes reported by @domiosc and @RonCain Update instructions included.