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    Easy Populate V 3.0

    A new version has been uploaded with these changes: Free Version: Added an option (bottom of the page) to clear the temp directory. Added a language file (not complete). Added the old tableblock class since the new one removes the table, which is needed here for display purposes. Changed code to remove php warnings. Changed the options code to use the stored settings. Changed the model setting to a database option and loaded the model size dynamically so it no longer needs to be set. Changed the Export section to allow clicking on the text to set the checkbox, as opposed to having to click the checkbox. Changed all references of Froogle to Google Shopping since that is once again free, sort of. Changed Header Tags SEO names to use the Phoenix names. Changed layout to use BS4 controls. Fixed many security holes. Fixed the custom create section. Fixed the additional images code to load properly. Fixed some problems found in the original addon as well as some of mine in the previous version. Moved the information message on file creations to the header instead of it blocking the page. Removed definitions from the functions file. Removed the magic quotes code. Replaced the block of code for deleting a product with a call to the stock functions. PRO Version: Added an option to upload all images from within Easy Populate. Added an option to check image usage. Please note: Since google shopping is once again, partially, free, I changed the old Froogle code to work with it. But the output still follows the rules of the original Froogle. So while this option may work for some shops, if you plan to upload to Google Shopping, you would probably be better off using the Google Feeder addon. I may change the code in this addon to provide a full Google Shopping feed at some point but I'm not sure it is worth the time since the other addon exists.
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    Shipping table is now a real table :)

    Updated for Phoenix: https://apps.oscommerce.com/2iSYY&editable-shipping-table-phoenix
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    A new version has been uploaded with these changes: Added gtin as an identifier. Added code for Phoenix compatibility. Installation just requires the files to be uploaded for Phoenix. Changed count code to pass php 7.3. Found by member @yahalimu. Changed default http to https in the googlefeeder file. Removed the code to check if mysql is being used. Mysqli is now required.