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    Phoenix Installation via Softaculous

    Is now possible and takes seconds... Log into the Softaculous App on your hosts cPanel and you will find CE Phoenix in the E-Commerce section. We are very pleased to have gotten CE Phoenix onto Softaculous as it opens up a whole new world of users who want/need an easy install. Thank you to @ecartz for his months of hard work in getting Phoenix modernised and to @Heatherbell and @peterpil19 for their hard work in getting Phoenix onto Softaculous. Give it a go if you have a Cpanel host who runs Softaculous - but please make you do not overwrite your live shop installation (I have not tested and am not sure if it gives you a warning prior to potential overwrite). Please give Phoenix a rating/review as word-of-mouth from happy users is the most powerful thing - thank you. Please note that I have since deleted that install that you see in the video as it was performed only for the video.
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    Phoenix Announcements

    Please note that we are now announcing on the official News channel Easy Zip Updates are supported by Core Team inside the Phoenix Club - If you are not a member, please join. - If you prefer not to be a member or are a previous member for whatever reason; You can also view file changes via Github, here is the URL - https://github.com/gburton/Responsive-osCommerce/compare/A.B.C.D...E.F.G.H - Change A.B.C.D to whatever version you are currently on - Change E.F.G.H to the version you want to upgrade to You can also view your shops Version Checker, which will look something like this:
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    AJAX Attribute Manager support

    Yes, AJAX Attribute Manager BS 2.9.5. includes versions for EDGE and other BS versions Do not use 3.0.0, other than stated it doesn't include versions for pre Phoenix.