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    I hope this helps
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    Purchase without account PWA 4.2.0 beta for Phoenix 1.0.6.+ only! Zero core changes! Thanks a lot to Matt @ecartz for his patience and help to apply all new 1.0.6.x features and standards. PWA_Phoenix_4.2.0_beta.zip Changes Version. 4.2.0 - updated for Phoenix 1.0.6.x - renamed account_pwa.php to create_account_pwa.php - updated create_account.pwa.php to use customer data modules - flexible optional use of customer data modules in create_account.pwa.php - added delete guest accounts button in admin/customers.php - all changes are hooked now, zero core modifications - fixed some minor errors from previous versions @Owl Sauron, @rupruprup, @dculley and all others who are interested If you would like to give it a try and report back. Thank you!
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    If something is wrong in the shop, as with the last problem, then it might appear to be this addon but this addon can't be the cause since it has nothing to do with the shopping cart. I suggest you install a clean, new shop and install this addon. If it works correctly, which it should, then you can compare the two shops to find the cause of the problem.
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    You could reduce (but not eliminate) the danger by removing the r from rm -rf find change_to_your_own_directory/ -type f -name '*.mx' -exec rm -f {} \; The r stands for recursive and is what allows rm to delete directories. Without it, rm will only delete files. Better might be to do something like find change_to_your_own_directory/ -type f -name '*.mx' -print find change_to_your_own_directory/ -type f -name '*.mx' -delete Where you check the files printed by the first line before running the second line. Two possibilities that come to mind: 1. This is caused by some IDE. E.g. Dreamweaver MX. 2. This is a hack attempt of some sort. Similar problem reported at https://stackoverflow.com/questions/61875526/mx-files-found-in-wordpress-core-files-with-the-same-core-code -- perhaps that will get a relevant answer.
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    Hello Zahid, I hope you are well. You have been a generous contributor. I believe many people miss you.