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    Uploaded Versión for OSCOM CE Phoenix Español para OsC CE Included the above fixes from @PiLLaO
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    Express checkout 1_2 pages

    I uploaded a new version. thanks to @raiwa tips, I made some changes. @domiosc you can turn off the invoice from admin. I will make the t&c optional in the next update. @yeno I don't know how to use GitHub. but I can use the help for sure. I added the checkout_confirmation also to the page via Ajax. this way more of payment modules will work, with one page only. some still might need the 2 page option. if you use it and it works on your shipping modules and payment modules please let me know, thanks
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    Sounds good. I’ll include it in the next update. 👍
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    I suggest to change in catalog/includes/languages/espanol/checkout_confirmation.php To one of this although 'Editar' would be the literally translate, I think that 'Modificar' will be the best option. What you think about this?