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    From Frozen to Phoenix

    I personally have a ton of gratitude for the work and the teaching the coders have done in this forum for years. I am not a coder, but I have always patched my store myself using the information available on the forums. I've even learned to figure a lot of the stuff out on my own too. I just took a leap of faith and jumped from 234bs to Phoenix because I like the direction that Phoenix is taking and I needed to move forward. I am getting the Phoenix core code for free. A lot of people have worked hard on it and it's still free. Part of the deal is that I have to learn new stuff. Yes, folks, it's still free thanks to the coders. Thanks, to everyone involved in the project!
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    [Contribution] Ship In Cart

    I had no time yet to check this for higher Phoenix versions, but it should work up to For higher versions, please await for the update. Probably it will be updated for Phoenix release.
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    From Frozen to Phoenix

    I think you're under estimating the pain of a broken shop here... Upgrades that you publish are excellent, but they don't come with (not saying they should come with) a list of stuff that will break if you install the update. As another owner said, if a shipping module is just outright broken, a 10 minute upgrade might turn into 1-2 HOURS of missed sales. And those are hours you don't get back - you still need to do shipping, inventory, payroll, customer service etc. In MY experience, being completely honest, upgrades are never 5-10 minutes, but typically 1-2 hours or longer. My shop is very customized, so don't take this as a complaint. This is sharing the fact that a small .x upgrade is a BIG deal for owners like myself. I'm hopping from frozen to Phoenix and it isn't painless. Stuff you expect to work just doesn't, and I'm updating/patching most of the things I use on the daily. I appreciate the move to "Approved Add-Ons", but I think it needs to go farther. If an add-on is "Approved" it must also mean that is is updated regularly - if it falls 30 days or more behind the current release it must loose its approved status. This means that users like myself can have confidence that we can upgrade to the latest release, with all approved modules in a timely fashion.
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    Quantity Price Breaks

    @Jack_mcs Thanks for your time and answer. I use it for one category in my Osc live site. I would like to use it with the same category in Phx. I'm in no rush with Phx. Just as soon as I get one thing working it seems he comes out with another version of Phx and breaks an add on. Thanks again for your help and time.
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    From Frozen to Phoenix

    Well, you know why he likes him? He is telling the truth.
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    I get the concept, but as far as I know an email has to be structured as a form and if I included it as a module in the checkout_success block, then it will become nested inside of that page's order form. What I can do is add the module as a request for the customers feed back and when they click on the link (which would be a feedback question), that would open a modal window with the email form inside of it. The modal code would then have to be added to that checkout_success.php page after the main order form. Or, I could add it as an on-page form directly on that checkout_success.php page after the main order form. Either way, I would have to alter a core file, which is something I was trying to avoid.
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    From Frozen to Phoenix

    Unfortunately, becoming a member of the "club" is not a guarantee that you will stay there and receive "certified" supplements. The list of these "additions" is also very specific. It is not always possible to find what you need. So study and get ready to adapt the add-ons you need yourself. Or order such add-ons from coders.
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    Forms can have their own names and values. You may refer to this discussion: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/547821/two-submit-buttons-in-one-form