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    Contact Form Abuse

    Install View Counter. It has a country blocking option.
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    @valquiria23No, SiteMonitor won't help in a situation like you describe. I suggest you install View Counter for that. It is like Who's Online but with much more control. It won't stop the connections unless they violate the traps it has. But you can see it happening and ban the IP from admin. The pro version has an option that reports excessive hits so you can easily see it happening and be emailed when it happens. You can also see the hits in the non-pro version but you have to check for them manually. I hope this helps.
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    spam in contact us

    Depending upon your version of oscommerce, installing the Honey Pot addon should stop that.
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    I would think that that would make the page not work properly. You might be better off replacing it with AND products_date_available IS NOT NULL And higher in the page, replace tep_db_query("update products set products_date_available = '' where to_days(now()) > to_days(products_date_available)"); with tep_db_query("UPDATE products SET products_date_available = NULL WHERE NOW() > products_date_available");
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    @4wdautoparts, Hola, espero encontrar tiempo para la actualización a este fin de semana. Un saludo Rainer