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    JcM Bank Transfer Payments V1.0 Phoenix This is a simple add-on that allows you to add Bank Transfer as a Payments option. It’s an update to an existing add-on so all credit to original author. It requires NO core changes so just copy over the files provided. Once it’s installed simply go to admin and install and turn on. Bank details are set in admin Email sent to customer will show bank details to make payment If you wish the invoice to show your bank details then you need to edit your invoice.php or use the one provided (this is optional). That’s it enjoy. It has only been tested on Phoenix only. Can be seen working on this custom test site
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    Now I'm bussy, I think to start again from because I don't check if you fix from After check what files modified from originals and report you
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    Add To Cart - 404

    Then you have an old Addon/modification which still uses the deprecated Filename Constant "FILENAME_SHOPPING CART". It is not present any more in core files. Search your files for it and replace it with 'shopping_cart.php'
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    A small over site by me, the invoice.php provided shows the bank details even when another payment methd is selected. To fix this use the attached file if you used the one provided. or if you are editing your own invoice.php then you need to add this wherver you decide to add the bank details. This wll then only show on invoice if bank transfer is selected. <?php if ($order->info['payment_method'] === "Bank Transfer Payment") {?> <div class="notice"> <b>Our Bank Details:</b><br> Please use the following details to transfer your total order value:<br> osc-phoenix Ltd<br> Bank = MyBank<br> Sort Code = 00-00-00<br> Account Number = 12345678<br> For European (EU) Customers<br> SWIFTBIC = **************<br> IBAN = **********************<br> Once the <u>full amount</u> has been received and confirmed Your order will be processed.<br><br> </div> <?php }?> invoice.php
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    Instant Discount

    Instant Discount is meant to grab impulse buyers. When a visitor arrives at your site by clicking on a product link in a search engine listing, a dialog will appear saying that he will get a discount if the item is purchased within a certain amount of time. The discount amount, how long the offer is good for and various other things are controlled by settings in admin. This addon is written for the CE version. It may work in BS 4 since little is displayed outside of the addon files. It also may work with the official 2.3.4 version. It won't hurt anything in any shop since it can be completely turned off or used in text mode.
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    JcM Bank Transfer Payments V1.0 Phoenix This is a simple add-on that allows you to add Bank Transfer as a Payments option. It’s an update to an existing add-on so all credit to original author.
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    I would suggest trying the following: Remove Redirect 301 /contact_us.php https://www.mypage.com.pl/kontakt.php Redirect 301 /sok-z-pokrzywy-250ml-niepasteryzowany-na-anemie-zelazo-p-39.html https://www.mypage.com.pl/sok-z-pokrzywy-250ml-niepasteryzowany-p-39.html Redirect 301 /sok-z-przywrotnika-250ml-p-57.html https://www.mypage.com.pl/przywrotnik-250ml-ze-swiezego-ziela-p-57.html Redirect 301 /arcydziegiel-nalewka-na-kaszel-p-52.html https://www.mypage.com.pl/arcydziegiel-korzen-250ml-p-52.html Redirect 301 /przywrotnik-pospolity-sok-100-ml-p-41.html https://www.mypage.com.pl/przywrotnik-250ml-ze-swiezego-ziela-p-57.html And before RewriteRule ^(.*)-p-(.*).html$ product_info.php?products_id=$2&%{QUERY_STRING} add RewriteRule ^contact_us.php$ kontakt.php [R=301,L] RewriteRule ^sok-z-pokrzywy-250ml-niepasteryzowany-na-anemie-zelazo-p-39.html$ sok-z-pokrzywy-250ml-niepasteryzowany-p-39.html [R=301,L] RewriteRule ^sok-z-przywrotnika-250ml-p-57.html$ przywrotnik-250ml-ze-swiezego-ziela-p-57.html [R=301,L] RewriteRule ^arcydziegiel-nalewka-na-kaszel-p-52.html$ arcydziegiel-korzen-250ml-p-52.html [R=301,L] RewriteRule ^przywrotnik-pospolity-sok-100-ml-p-41.html$ przywrotnik-250ml-ze-swiezego-ziela-p-57.html [R=301,L] I think that mixing the two modules is causing issues. As always, you should make a copy of the current .htaccess before making changes, just in case this makes it worse in some way.
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    db query error

    I'm glad that you got this working for you. In case anyone else gets a similar error, the ` rather than ' tells us that it is talking about the part of the insert before the values keyword. Which looks something like INSERT INTO `database_name`.`table_name` (`column_name`) VALUES ('Column value string') It may not be obvious, but MySQL uses the two kinds of single quotes differently. The slanted one is on the same key as the ~ on my keyboard. The straight up and down one is on the same key as the double quote ". Anyway, the error is saying that one of the slanted ones is missing. Those surround the database, table, and column names in case any of those is a MySQL reserved word like values or insert. You need one at the beginning and the end of each name (or leave them off; they aren't needed when there aren't conflicts with reserved words). The phpMyAdmin tool puts them in automatically so that it doesn't have to worry about the database reserved words. I'm guessing that you either added or removed a column and put in one too few or one too many `
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    Shopowners Club - Core Suggestions

    I understood the Original Question of @frankl Frank was more about the architecture of the code and not so much about wanted features. But then again the wanted features might need changes of the codes architecture. So .. Above suggestions I endorse ... I would like to add: - Different product types (Single product - Grouped prouduct - Configurable product) - Prepare for Templates
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    Shopowners Club - Core Suggestions

    Core code changes I feel really needed: Write the language id each order is placed in orders table. Reason: You can autote answers in the customers' language. Currently you can't. Write shipping and payment module codes would be good, too. Write attributes id instead of only localized names in orders_products table. At least basic support of bootstrap/font icons in admin. Header tags in admin. A decent attribute management page. Current one is a mess. HTML emails. Built-in support for phpmailer or other 3rd party mailing libraries. A system to upload/unpack addons that does not require core code changes (most of the lately written); An admin dialog box that uploads the file, uncompresses it on the server and shows basic instructions. Suggestions (less important I think, but also good): Removal or completion of the functionality of some options like ie. banners and testimonials: Reason: it may be very frustrating for a new customer to have an admin page that does nothing because does not trigger anything on shop side. More classes (products, attributes, customers...) to replace a lot of current functions and code. Some kind of "content modules" for admin: Ability to add functions on specific pages like, for example adding a button for pdf invoices on product listing by just uploading a file and setting sort order. Replace most of the page reloads by AJAX calls on simple tasks. Cleanup of old compatibility code (php < 5.3) More cleanup....