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    Are you using the htpasswd? You might need to move the .htaccess and .htpasswd_oscommerce files out of the admin directory (move them rather than deleting them in case you need to move them back).
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    Dan Cole

    Generated link Concept

    Brilliant idea and coupled with your original suggestion of changing the access point of pages like create_account I think it would go along way to solving the bot issue. 👍 Dan
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    Generated link Concept

    Clever idea! Thanks H 😉
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    HoneyPot Captcha

    I not want to be a game breaker here. But for the address part, google seemed to took care of it as well. Google: Autocomplete Address Form I just want to point out that most of the problems are covered in so much ways and by so much people and company who offer solutions. I perhaps stirred the pot a little here. But i think in the end it the discussion was worth it. I definitely noticed that what i mentioned gave some second thoughts. Nothing of what i Sayed was to hurt anyone in one way or the other, or try to let them look bad. I think with what i told, opened doors to other views. There is a real difference in running a shop or a forum or a blog. I understand , the quicker the process, no burdens in registration etc, could make the purchase of an item quicker. But it is good to talk about it, and even more........... to listen what the other say or try to understand I excuse to anyone who felt or thought i was or that i am a disturbing factor.
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    Well, it's language specific, so I'd check the part of the language files that specifies that <htmldir="ltr" lang="de"> My guess is that you're missing a space in define('HTML_PARAMS', ' dir="ltr" lang="de"'); in the german.php file. Note that there should be a space before the dir entry. Your browser doesn't know what an htmldir tag is, so it assumes that it's part of the body. So your browser implicitly creates the html, head, and body tags. Then it removes the ones that template_top.php created.
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    Product listing

    Thank you for the prompt reply. I have paid and joined as a Phoenix Supporter