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    JcM Header Banner Carousel V1.2 Phoenix As the latest version of Phoenix has removed the stock banner manager from core the original version of this will not work. This is a new version that works without the stock banner code. It has most of the main functionality as before. This is a header add-on that lets you place a carousel banner at the top of your site. It will show up to 8 banners. It has been updated to allow start and finish dates to be set for the banners. This can only be done for the last 7 as the first must always be active for carousel to run. Banner will only show when start date is reached and will turn off on end date. The date must be entered in correct format. Simply copy over all files install and turn on like any other add-on. The overlay text for each banner and images can be set in the language file. You can also select which pages it is to be shown on. The default install will show Halloween banners That’s it enjoy. It has only been tested on Phoenix only. Can be seen working on this custom test site banner display dates are set in admin
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    That is a php compatibility issue. The change below will fix it but there are problem others. This addon is scheduled for an update but I don't when that will be. In admin/sitemonitor_configure_setup.php, find two instances of the following and remove them. width="<?php echo BOX_WIDTH; ?>"
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    Store Mode BS

    Cancel that, brain failure has occurred. I was looking at it in normal mode rather than test mode. All OK now.