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    Dan Cole

    Documentation Initiative

    'Nothing ventured, nothing gained' --- In order to achieve, you need to act and take risks. I think we can all agree that the existing documentation is a bit dated. A lot has changed since it was written and it is in bad need of an update. Doing so will no doubt require a ton of work but if we crowd source it, I'm sure we can come up with something useful for the entire community. If you want to help out and give something back this is your chance. It's an opportunity for everyone to get involved. I think a good place to start would be to document what each of the menu options, on the admin side, does. As a start and example, here is what Fredi Rubinshtein and I came up with. Navigation Bar and the NavBar Modules If you agree that something along this line in needed and would like to help out just pick a menu item and post here which item you've decided to tackle. We don't want to duplicate the effort. I'll try to keep track of who is doing what and create a bit of an index. For those tackling a menu item please try to follow the example and provide a brief explanation, with screen shots of the steps involved and what they do. It would be nice if we ended up with a document that looked as if it was part of a single effort. Let's do this. Dan
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    My Favorite Customer Scam Attempts

    Most folks are good, decent and honest. However, here are a couple of my favorite customer scam attempts... 1. Customer: I bought this item for my dog and it's too small. Please send the next size up. Checking sale records we find the purchase was months, sometime a year or more ago. Response: I'm sorry that happened. Please return the item clean and original condition, with tags attached and we'll process for you. Result: Never hear from them again. 2. Customer: The item you sent is broken/damaged. How do you plan to make this right by me? Response: I'm sorry that happened. Please send pictures of the damaged item and the original packing. Thank you. Result: Never hear from them again.
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    My Favorite Customer Scam Attempts

    I know someone that bought a set of bathroom fittings (large towel rail, hand towel rail, toilet roll holder, toilet brush) from a suppler of ebay. She was explaining about how great these items looked in the pictures and even showed me a picture, and thought they were cheap at £12-00 the set including postage, so she bought one. She then bent down and picked up the smallest padded envelope that you have ever seen and tipped out the set. They were for a 12th scale dolls house. I almost wet myself laughing.
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    My Favorite Customer Scam Attempts

    I have had a few funny return requests in the past. 1. Customer contacts me and asks why the parcel they received was empty. They then insinuate that someone in the picking department must have stolen it. I explain that I am a one person business and I will check the certificate of posting to see what weight was registered when posting. The phone went dead never heard from again. 2. The item is faulty. I ask that the item is returned with a copy of the original invoice as proof of purchase. They refuse to return item, and I refuse a refund. Upon checking their details I find it was 13 months after they purchased the item. Never hear from again. 3. A customer accused me of sending a short coil of wire. He bought 10m of wire which is hand measured and cut from a large reel. I ask for the item to be returned with a copy of the invoice and it does actually come back but its in about 8 short lengths. The copy invoice is not even one of mine, but one of my competitors who I get along with. We both laughed about it now, but no refund was given. Customers do at time try it on.
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    My Favorite Customer Scam Attempts

    I think the best I've heard was someone bought a laptop in July and tried to return it as damaged in December as it was an 'xmas' present they'd not opened it until xmas day.
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    My Favorite Customer Scam Attempts

    We get the item hasn't arrived a little more often than we should, thankfully most of our items have some form of tracking
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    My Favorite Customer Scam Attempts

    I worked for online retailers for about 15 years and I've heard all sorts of reasons for needing to return something. The good thing is for the most part the Consumer Contracts Agreement has you covered.
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    Discount Code BS

    Hello Andrea, Yes it is coded like you say, reference is order-subtotal, not amount of discountable products/categories.: Minimum Order Sub-Total: I understand your concern, but the module doesn't take care for all possible combinations. If it would like you wish, there would be other users needing just like it is now. I'll think about if this could be implemented with a switcheable option. rgds Rainer
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    Hi Andrea, I found your site and was able to create 2 x accounts (called 'test delete' and 'test delete2') successfully. Regards, Peter