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    @14steve14 I have been updating shop from own cart script ---> oscommerce 2.1---> 2.2 ( which is heavily modified with altered modules, core and database modifications) ---> 2.3 ---> 2.3 GOLD ---> 2.3 EDGE ---> 2.3 FROZEN .. and I am planning to go for latest Phoenix version ( already on server for testing and updating) when the sales season end hopeful on April/May ... between the updating I lost some modules because they are done by someone who have never be on the forum any more and are not needed at moment .. it was the easiest thing I have done .. check this as @Mikepo said You need time on the begin and spend some money.. but after that it will be so easy on the future. after more people making, updating add-ons to sitewide hook system. Phoenix is the future.. @burt has done really good work and still doing and updating it (so easy to update from A to Z)... when everyone know that oscommerce become slowly dead.
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    Anyone installing this to add discriptions to osC CE should remember that your site is responsive! So anything you add using CK must also be resposive or you will have none responsive product_info page. Also if editing in <> code then make sure to check as a missing closing </> tag can brake your site or worse as it's beeing saved in db.
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    Oh and if you do @valquiria23 edit you can have the full version <script src="https://cdn.ckeditor.com/4.12.1/full-all/ckeditor.js"></script> That too works with with no issues.
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    confused so is it just your test mail or are customers using contact us going into your spam folder? either way check with your host to see if any filter changes have been made at server level. Also check your mail server, if people have been spamming your contact us form then it may have got you black listed. No short cut's on this you have to secure all form from this type of abuse. how is up to you try google recaptcha, add-on in the apps store reCAPTCHA-2 Form Validation for BS Edge or jack's Honey Pot Captcha or both.
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    This works by default. Just upload the "no_image_available_150_150.gif" to your image folder and replace it with a custom no image pic if you wish.
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    JcM Store Close Phoenix V1.0 This is an add-on that lets you close your store to orders being placed. It contains 2 modules.
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    JcM Store Close Phoenix V1.0 This is an add-on that lets you close your store to orders being placed. It contains 2 modules. The first is a simple header message which can be used to let your customer know you are closed. The second is a button control header tag that hides buy or add to cart buttons on index and replaces the buy button on product info page with a closed button. It is designed for stock install so if you have any custom buttons then you will need to deal with those separately. Again totally stand alone with no code change. Simply copy all files into relevant sections and install. The messages can be set in admin by editing language files. Once installed all you need to do is turn on the 2 modules to close the store to new orders. No other module needs to be changed as customer can not add anything to basket. Your store should be full functional other than this and web links , seo should be unaffected as all products and pages are still active and available. Has been tested on Phoenix 1.0.2.x only. Enjoy! The message ( you can select which pages it is shown on ) The disabled closed button on product info page
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    The better solution is to install the image thumbnailer addon. It does what you want but also, usually, improves the appearance and reduces the size of the images.
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    I do disagree with these statements. I have a site based on frozen, and it will do until my test environment using Phoenix is up and running. Phoenix is easier to use in terms of its modular format. The latest Product_info layout confirms this. The sitewide hook system is also very flexible. I've just added custom text based upon the payment method selected by the customer, without modifying the core files. Just two additional files define the hook, and the text inserted just where I need it. (I'm not a professional programmer) I'm having to upgrade old addons which were based on BS3, but that is just necessary with any upgrade. I don't expect to have a live Phoenix site running until mid-next year, but in the meantime I'll develop my knowledge of Phoenix and redesign my site and make it very flexible to meet the changing needs for the future.