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    Core Team members.

    Hi @14steve14 Thank you so much for sharing your opinion. I don't want you to think that I am negative, on the contrary I am VERY positive and just as a community we must be united to look for problems and propose solutions. What we should not do is accept things as they are or say that something cannot be changed. If we lose hope of improving, what is left? I agree that Burt did and does an excellent job and that's exactly why we should help him. We need 2 or 3 more people to work with Burt and help him with the core. Is this a community edition or not? Is not necessary for these new Core Team members to do everything. They can focus on a certain segment or they can work on the admin side (which is very outdated) by adding more features. There are several people who offered to help and participate, we have to accept that help !!! But that depends on us !!! Let us get together and make our thoughts heard. Best regards Valqui
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    Product listing

    Hola Gustavo, Sorry, I do not understand. Can you PM a link to your store or post a sample code. I never got anything similar reported nor observed it myself. Or does it only create the original sized thumb in the thumbs directory. Then this is triggered somewhere in your store with this size passed through the tep_image function. Or you may have watermark enabled, then a thumb in the original size is created to embed the watermark in the big pop up image in product info.