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    Discount Code BS

    Update uploaded: Discount Code 5.1.2. Phoenix Please apply these fixes also to previous versions. Older versions, FROZEN, EDGE and Gold BS3, please use Discount_Codes_4.4.3_BS Version 5.1.2.: Fix for wrong order total showing when no tax is applied. Thanks to @bnguru for the report and testing Added support for stripe sca 3.0 payment module. Thanks to @peterespana for testing Fixed several minor errors in instructions, ot module and admin page. Thanks to @Demitry
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    ...or more precisely, when the stylesheets are in the right order and user.css comes last, it is required to override some styling if it is marked important in bootstrap The situation with the stylesheets in the wrong order for some people has been confusing; when it's like that you need to mark things important in user.css to get them to override bootstrap styles coming afterwards, and if bootstrap marks those style definitions important it does nothing. I feel your frustration! The developer tools in your browser are really useful for checking where style definitions are coming from but it is much easier to attach new styles to the specific element you're looking at than it is to simulate adding them to user.css. In the normal run of things this doesn't matter much but in this situation it just adds to the angst. The fix was to includes/classes/hooks.php so make sure you got the new version of that file.