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    Harald Ponce de Leon

    Naming Convention

    Yes, at Github. to https://github.com/gburton/Responsive-osCommerce/compare/v1.0.0.0... to https://github.com/gburton/Responsive-osCommerce/compare/ They will be made aware as CE releases use the same update mechanism from v2.3. This means the update procedure is manual for v2.3 based CE releases (the architecture does not support online updates). Automatic updates will first arrive with v3 and v3 based CE releases. Community Edition maintainers have the ability to push out a release to the website without my intervention. In fact, the website automatically checks Github once every hour to see if a new release has been pushed out at Github and automatically updates the download page and posts a news announcement if one was posted at Github. This will be addressed when Community Editions are officially announced. If they want to stay on PHP 5.6 they can with their current installation. If it runs perfectly today, it will run perfectly tomorrow, and there are active developers in the forum that can help when problems arise. If they want to move to another release or platform, they can't stay on PHP 5.6. There is a lot of excitement when releases are pushed out, however your current installation is not going to burn if you don't upgrade immediately.
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    Harald Ponce de Leon

    Naming Convention

    Every v2.x release is being sunsetted, including v2.4. Someone is welcome to continue development through the Community Edition program. My focus is 100% on v3. All Community Edition releases will have their own support area in the forum and their own version in the Marketplace. Linking to the releases on our downloads page is just the start - it is planned to have dedicated pages for each release so their features can be showcased.
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    Osc BS Edge Product Info

    This is an issue with the long names as BS cards will always move to make room for the text. The only working solution I have found is to add the class "text-truncate" to the product discription in the card header this will give you this. Please note images are from a custom site and NOT the offical site.
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    Naming Convention

    @HPDL, Automatic updates will first arrive with v3 and v3 based CE releases Just a question. The 2.4 is stopped or it will be finished ?
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    small errors - no apostrophe is used in plurals
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    What to do with .com and .co.uk

    Pointing it to the .com site just does that. It won't gain you anything other than making sure anyone using that domain name ends up on the other one and you prevent a competitor from using it. Having the .co.uk point to .com may be useful for UK searches since google UK will return those due to location. Creating an information site can be useful for SEO purposes, if done correctly. You can use a link from it to the .com site, or vice versa. But not both if you end up with a duplicate site since google may punish for that. But don't expect anything useful from the search engines right away. They will usually delay ranking for many months to insure the site is real. Otherwise you could create a hundred shops today and point them all to one site in an attempt to help that site. But I think having a different site with a similar name might be confusing to your visitors. They may type in .co.uk by mistake and see that you don't have products and assume the site is no longer available for products. So you would want to make it clear the sites are related. Personally, I think the name is too similar to the original to be anything other than a pointer to the original. One exception might be if you want to target your UK visitors differently, like giving them a discount or location-specific options. The .co.uk site will generally be returned to UK searchers for the same search term over the .com, though that assumes the pages are setup for the same keywords.