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    I doubt one of the latest versions of this addon will work for you. Try installing 2.2d-13 or earlier. You'll lose improvements and security fixes but that's the trade-off when running such an old shop.
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    Quantity already in cart message

    A balloon tag, or in the following case a tick, can be placed next to the [Add-to-cart] button. So, before the user click on the Add-to-cart button, he will have known the item is already in the cart, and how many. Do an echo statement after the button: I apply this code to Jack_cms "Product Quantity Box" and it works for me.
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    Auto Update Currencies

    If you did that and it didn't fail, the setting has to be in your database. I've seen some templates that sort the configuration settings into different sections so that there is more than one configuration section in admin. Short of something like that, I can't even guess at what went wrong. You can search the database for AUTO_UPDATE_CURRENCY_BEFORE, which that sql change adds. It has to be there somewhere if there were not any failures.
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    Auto Update Currencies

    Does your host actually not let you run cron (on a Linux server), or do they restrict the kinds of things you can run, such as PHP scripts using 'php'? Mine does the latter, but they allow using cURL to run PHP scripts.
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    Auto Update Currencies

    Step 3 is only for when cron won't work. If you use step 3, you have to apply the database change mentioned