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    Log Off Button

    There are three modules included in core that have a logoff button. There are at least two more available that are "addons" (in other words, they do not come as part of the core). Explore your admin area, particularly; admin > modules > content > {install} > (and look through this list) > install one or more.
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    Hello @edo.script, PWA series 3.x is intended for BS CE FROZEN. All instructions, files and references are for this version only. If your store version is a previous EDGE version, you need to know how hooks work and to be able to adapt the instructions/code references to your store. Otherwise please use the last series 2 version ( Purchase without account BS 2.5r2 ) The most important difference in FROZEN is that hooks registry is done automatically in application_top.php. But you do not need to adit this file in any PWA version. Tht's whi it is not included in the package and there is no need for it. If your store version is previous you need to add the hook registry manually like I posted befor to the page files where hooks are used. The modification in the instructions are the hook call which is the second part you need to get the hook working. Please understand that it is impossible to include accurate instructions for all BS CE versions which are out there. There are hundreds of them. The latest versions of my add ons are all for FROZEN which is the recommended actual and stable version for users which are not skilled in coding.
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    If your products, SEO, directory structure, etc. are identical between the two sites, and the domain name is the only difference, it's very simple. In .htaccess, RewriteEngine On Rewrite ^(.*)$ https://<www.newdomain.com>/$1 [R=301,L] This assumes everything on the old site is to be sent over to the new site. If you want only part of traffic (to the old store) to be redirected, or the old store is in a directory of its own (a good idea), it would be done a bit differently.
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    PayPal Express ~ Duplicate Orders

    @pete2007 it sure is (but don't tell burt I told you this or he'll get all "Stack Overflow" on me!!). Again, anyone else reading this, this is method is specific for pete2007's installation which doesn't make use of Header Tags modules nor $oscTemplate->getBlocks('footer_scripts'); and everything is hardcoded in template_bottom.php In ext/jquery/main.js find: /* BOF Prevent multiple form submissions from multiple clicks on checkout_confirmation.php */ if($('form[name=checkout_confirmation]').length > 0){ $('form[name=checkout_confirmation]').submit(function(){ Replace with: /* BOF Prevent multiple form submissions from multiple clicks on checkout_confirmation.php and contact_us.php */ if($('form[name=checkout_confirmation], form[name=contact_us]').length > 0){ $('form[name=checkout_confirmation], form[name=contact_us]').submit(function(){ And then just for the sake of completeness find: /* EOF Prevent multiple form submissions from multiple clicks */ And replace with: /* EOF Prevent multiple form submissions from multiple clicks on checkout_confirmation.php and contact_us.php */ The only caveat is that it will only display one message i.e. "Loading please wait", might have been nicer to have "Sending please wait" for the contact form. But if you want you could change it to just "Please wait" which would apply equally to both forms nicely.
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    Discount Code BS

    I think that @BrockleyJohn is right. Resolve the logging out problem first.
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    Discount Code BS

    Of course it's possible! It sounds like you have much bigger problems than discount codes.