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    PayPal Express ~ Duplicate Orders

    @pete2007 you're welcome
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    PayPal Express ~ Duplicate Orders

    Hi @pete2007 Thank you for sending the files in a PM. I've placed my response here so that if anyone else is in the same situation as you then they can see the solution also. Your store setup: Doesn't use or load jQuery UI jQuery and javascript is executed from includes/template_bottom.php and not in the <head> tag. Because of this, the script cannot be added directly to checkout_confirmation.php because jQuery loads after the contents of this page. Your site makes good use of a ext/jquery/main.js file instead of inline/on-page Javascript so we'll use this to house the new script. Your store submit button doesn't have any classes applied so no need to copy them to the new dynamic button before hiding the submit button once clicked. Please backup the ext/jquery/main.js file before making changes and be sure to test the checkout_confirmation.php page after making the changes as I've not been able to test this. You may also need to clear your temporary internet files/cache if your browser doesn't detect the additional code to the file immediately. In ext/jquery/main.js Go to the very bottom of the file after the closing }); and press return twice to create some spacing. Add the following, save and upload. /* BOF Prevent multiple form submissions from multiple clicks on checkout_confirmation.php */ if($('form[name=checkout_confirmation]').length > 0){ $('form[name=checkout_confirmation]').submit(function(){ var btnLoadingTxt = 'Loading Please Wait'; var confirmationForm = $(this); confirmationForm.find('button[type=submit]').each(function (index) { $(this).clone(false).attr('id', 'disabledBtn').prop('disabled', true).text(btnLoadingTxt).insertBefore($(this)); $(this).hide(); confirmationForm.prepend($(this)); }); }); } /* EOF Prevent multiple form submissions from multiple clicks */ Because we can't add this code directly to the checkout_confirmation.php page if left as it was it would attempt to execute on every page load. It would only work on the checkout_confirmation.php page but there's still no point taking extra resources to attempt to execute when not needed so I've added code to check if the confirmation form is present before execution.
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    version with php7.2

    It does, and I already checked. "MultiPHP" offered PHP 5.6, 7.1, and 7.2 until a few days ago. Now it's only 7.2. I get the feeling that someone panicked over some 7.1 vulnerabilities and killed 7.1 rather than wait for the next upgrade (hiding 7.1 in the meantime). Anyway, I'm looking at what needs to be done to get Frozen happy with 7.2. Just the built-in PayPal app is going to be a monster, merging Gary's changes (some of them for Bootstrap) with the later (5.010) edition in the app (and then various patches floating around and then maybe 5.018 level out-of-the-box). Then who knows how much needs to be done to the rest of Frozen. 😧 I'd be happy to drop the whole project if I could be confident that a stable Edge with full BS4 and 7.2 upgrades and PayPal updated was just around the corner, but I'm not holding my breath. And who knows what Harald is working on... I just can't wait until something shows up there (if it ever does).
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    The next update will be pushed out this month and takes care of that 👍