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    Where to start for newbie

    It's probably useful to point out that something being "open source" does not always mean it is "free" (as in no money). That's a misconception that a lot of people struggle with. We all run businesses, we all know there is a cost. https://github.com/gburton/Responsive-osCommerce/releases => Frozen Install it and have a play with it.
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    JcM Product info stock available date A simple add-on to let you display due date when new stock will be available and number on order, on the product info page. You can set the due date and number and the stock level at which the display is activated in admin. Date format and box color can also be changed in admin. This is NOT an inventory control system. It is just a simple way of showing the customer info to give them confidence in the site. It’s better than just stating you have no stock. Again totally standalone with no core code change. Simply copy all files into relevant sections and go to admin modules /content and install.
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    Header Tags SEO

    This addon can only work with php files and then only if they are part of the shop. If you have a non-php file, you will need to add them manually to that file.
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    Hello Andrea @puggybelle, There is something unclear in your report: If going to add a new shipping address in checkout shipping.php, the customer will be linked back first to the checkout shipping page where he sees the new shipping address. Then in the next step he will go to the checkout payment page and see the old (first) payment address. (shipping address is shown on checkout shipping, payment address is shown on checkout payment) Anyway I would recommend you to check this yourself with a test guest order. I wouldn't believe too much in what customers report. Do it yourself and get familiar with the whole process and options. In general for PWA: The only differences between a guest and a regular account are: - guest account has no password set - guest account is flagged as guest account in the customer and order table in aditional columns - once a customer leaves the checkout process without finishing and the session has expired, he can't log in again to the account, even the account has not been deleted (he has no password). But he can create again a new guest account without problems. - guest checkout is auto deleted once the order is correct finished in checkout success (if the customer does not opt in to keep the account and set a password) So all functionality like different shipping address etc. is exact the same like for regular accounts. rgds Rainer
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    Dear Sirs. We are all associated with this software for almost 20 years. We learned from this. We used it for our stores. Many coders have made a career here and their business. A lot of e-commerce software was born on the basis of osCommerce. All this happened thanks to OpenSource. Thanks to the enthusiasm and great work of Harald and his friends. Many of the active members of the forum and community continue to work for everyone. However, a lot of people used this resource only for personal profit. They did something (they wrote code based on osCommerce), tested their work with our help, called it their project, and ran away from the community to engage in personal business. The attitude of these people to osCommerce is similar to the fact that you forgot about your parents. Will we all do the same? I see that several of our excellent coders are already preparing for this. What do we do? Will we save the osCommerce or assign it to the cemetery? Regarding the AdminBS version, which we are discussing here. There is great interest among many participants. New version is needed. Let's remember our youth, join forces and continue to work in our OpenSource community! The new version can be placed on Github and add corrections and additions there. Your opinion, community?