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    Yes, I'm working on it, here's the fix for the widescreen view (admin/includes/modules/dashboard/d_quick_links.php d_quick_links.zip
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    Our community is probably the first on the Internet, which in the open format has begun to support the development of this software in free access with open source. From the very beginning, a real concept of e-commerce on the Internet was developed and created, and many people united around it. For many, this was the only real way to start selling on the Internet. I am very grateful to Harald and his comrades who wrote the source code and gave it to the community. The development of e-commerce is largely due to this software. Most of the modern and popular online stores today were written on the basis of OsCommerce and became commercial projects. But our forum lives. And the community works. Version was created. Frozen, but in spite of the frost, it really develops! I want to invite the community to discuss the future of the software and jointly develop a concept for its future development. I invite to discuss the founding father - Harald. Let's discuss and decide how we can further develop our project, which for many of us has become a part of life and family! I see those people who do business, spend their time and effort, correct the code, write new features and actively support the community. My thanks to all.
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    Thank you for the kind words, and thank you for your support over the years.
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    Dan Cole


    Our thread on Dashboards got me poking around on the web to see what sort of bootstrap dashboards others were using and I came across what I'll refer to as an InfoBar Dashboard. Here is a screen shot of one that I found and really liked. I can see where this type of Dashboard bar could be very useful....it might consist of a collection of similar styled dashboard modules that can be turn on or off depending on what a particular shop ower might find useful. As a proof of concept and to see if my copy and paste coding skills were up to the challenge, I developed the following module. You just install it like you would any other module...no core changes...well almost none...I discovered that bootstrap and font awesome weren't active on the admin side of the shop so I needed to adjust template_top accordingly. What do you think of the idea? Dan