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    General support/feedback for Bootstrap 4 admin See https://apps.oscommerce.com/LCrov&bootstrap-v4-oscommerce-admin-ce
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    @shetch Nice work, thanks for sharing. Do you plan to expand it to new functionalities? If yes please consider adding something like these addon for organizing modules: https://apps.oscommerce.com/3DQyi&improved-content-modules-admin-for-2-3-4 https://apps.oscommerce.com/sJbv1&improved-modules-admin-for-2-3-4 Getting rid of the right menu boxes would be nice. This allows more space on mobile devices and quicker workflow. BTW I found an align issue in dashbboard with big resolutions:
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    The administrator has not changed since almost his birth. The community needs to decide which format of the Site Administrator should be taken as a modern basic framework - as the official version of the osCommerce BS, HTML5, PHP-7, supported by the community. There is another good version of the administration panel available developed by SoloMono. We all have to make a decision together. And based on this, adapt existing modules to the generally accepted format. No need to spray power on many different versions. Let's choose one and develop it together. We need to combine our strength, knowledge and experience. We need to remember how we started this almost 20 years ago. This will be the reanimation of osCommerce and our common success.