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    General support/feedback for Bootstrap 4 admin See https://apps.oscommerce.com/LCrov&bootstrap-v4-oscommerce-admin-ce
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    @shetch Nice work, thanks for sharing. Do you plan to expand it to new functionalities? If yes please consider adding something like these addon for organizing modules: https://apps.oscommerce.com/3DQyi&improved-content-modules-admin-for-2-3-4 https://apps.oscommerce.com/sJbv1&improved-modules-admin-for-2-3-4 Getting rid of the right menu boxes would be nice. This allows more space on mobile devices and quicker workflow. BTW I found an align issue in dashbboard with big resolutions:
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    You don't say what version you are using but this add-on for 2.2 is doing what you ask for. Actual Attribute Price V1.0
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    another idea on my site which has radio button for the options, what i have done was to use some JavaScript to take the price of the option and add it to the base price of the item and then update it on screen. e.g. if my item was £120 and one of my options was for £38.40, if i selected that option the price would change on screen to £158.40 etc i did this by adding data-price to my radio button which my JavaScript looks for to then work out the maths so you can use the same principle to get the attribute price and the qty in the text box to show the current cost
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    You're not adding multiple products -- you have one product with attributes (options), which are adds/decreases to the base product price. It would take some changes to the code to do what you want. Perhaps give the base price as 0.00 (and automatically suppress its display because it's 0.00) and just give the "add-on" prices for the attributes (suppress the "+") as the final price. In this case, the base price would be 0.00 instead of 120.00, and wouldn't be shown. Size 120cm would show "120.00" as the price, 150cm would show "158.40" as the price, and 180cm would show "174.00" as the price ("+" suppressed because the base price is 0.00). Internally, the calculated prices would be 0.00+120.00, 0.00+158.40, etc. Naturally, something would have to be done to require that at least one option (attribute) be selected for each item, so that it can't be purchased for the 0.00 base price. (Sorry, I'm in the US and don't have access to a Pounds symbol). I vaguely recall this being requested a number of times before. Have you carefully checked the add-ons catalog for such capability?
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    The administrator has not changed since almost his birth. The community needs to decide which format of the Site Administrator should be taken as a modern basic framework - as the official version of the osCommerce BS, HTML5, PHP-7, supported by the community. There is another good version of the administration panel available developed by SoloMono. We all have to make a decision together. And based on this, adapt existing modules to the generally accepted format. No need to spray power on many different versions. Let's choose one and develop it together. We need to combine our strength, knowledge and experience. We need to remember how we started this almost 20 years ago. This will be the reanimation of osCommerce and our common success.