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    General support/feedback for Bootstrap 4 admin See https://apps.oscommerce.com/LCrov&bootstrap-v4-oscommerce-admin-ce
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    Email queuing system

    Real life feedback/ideas from shopowners lead me to this change; With one extra line of code in the main module I made this a reality, so now it's possible to use the {{TAG}} system in the Title as so: and when received looks like (eg) this: Pretty damned cool!
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    Gone over most of this and it works like a charm. Was easy to install simply follow instructions and should have no issues. I simply copied ove my old config and .htaccess files and was able to log into new admin. I kept it simple by renaming my old admin and naming the new one the same as the old so no config changes needed. Not going to post link to admin! so here is a short view of what the new admin looks like. I would recomend taking a look and using it. Oh and you can show your appreciation for the work done by simon by looking at the bottom of his text in the app's market 😊 buy him a beer or 2. Thank's Simon
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    Email queuing system

    I've now created a module for order_success to replace the standard order success email that osC sends. If anyone wants to test it: https://template.me.uk/outgoing/ and progress all the way through the checkout. You'll get an email sent by this new system - so PLEASE use a real email address... This system is looking like another game-changer.
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    Email queuing system

    We also now have Filtering (for the outgoing Queue). Now easily see individual customers or slugs. As an example, let's say that the Queue has 200 emails in it waiting to go out over the next 3 months. Examples of use; You want to see all "birthday_greetings", select that slug from the dropdown and press go. You want to see all emails that are going out to a particular customer. Select that customer and press go. You want to see all "review_requests" going to a particular customers. Select slug and customer, and press go. This thing is getting better and better...
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    You could give it a go by doing as suggested above by jcmagpie => a new admin folder to run alongside your real admin.
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    International SEO

    Every time SEO Urls has been metioned I've heard "there's no point on using it nowadays". Well this is a true example of why these are still useful and why oscommerce has a poor localization. If you have a multilingual shop and you want it to be correctly indexed you really, really need a SEO addon that rewrites urls for each language. BTW I've been tweaking the latest versions of SEO urls 5 and there's a glitch with hreflang tags not being correctly shown until session is set - so spiders can¡t see it. I'll fix it and upload again in case someone wants to use it.
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    Not used it in anger yet but looks good. Thanks.
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    Dan Cole

    Email queuing system

    Tested and works well Gary....I think I'll dress this email up and go live with the system sometime over the weekend. 👍 Dan
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    Article Manager v1.0

    To those that interested, there is a planned update, probably within the next few weeks.
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    Email queuing system

    Whilst I have not seen what you are doing I have been following this thread with anticipation for anything better than is originally available. It sound like you are getting somewhere Gary. Well done. I would love to see a system where order status update emails could be written specifically for the update status replacing the standard 'your order has been upgraded to' emails. And the same with the 'new customer' or other emails. They are all a bit plain and do nothing for future sales. Like I say, cant wait to see where this leads as it sounds good.
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    Email queuing system

    Yes - the system does not yet replace the usual outgoing emails - but I am certain, in the near future, something like this system has to be put in place for all emails. Template-able Emails - it has to be the future!
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    Bootstrap 4 in

    Bootstrap 3 will be around for years - no point overthinking that, so forget it. The main "problem" will be upgrade php. Some people say php7.2 is working fine, others report it is not working fine. At the end of the 28d, dependant on support thereof, I hope to have gotten enough time in hand to get the following done and complete; make sure shop and admin are ready for 7.2 (at the very least, possibly 7.3 if I can swing it) -> no warnings and no errors product class -> rework relevant modules to use it But as with all things, one step at a time, and right now that step is trying to get some time in hand to actually do "stuff".
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    JcM Index Page Tumblr Blog CE BS4/3 A simple add-on to let you place your tumbler blog onto your site index page.
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    Custom HTML box?

    It was removed as people would see it was osC and try to hack! it's as simple as that.
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    Try the attached 2 files, do not open them simply rename them and copy them over. They have been sanitised to remove all strange characters, no code has been changed. email-zi.php e-mail-zi.php
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    JcM-header-Promo-Marquee CE

    JcM-header-Promo-Marquee CE Updated to allow text to be added in admin. A simple add-on to place a moving promo text header on your site. Based on js script by Fabian Valle (https://github.com/conradfeyt/Simple-Marquee) This uses a little js to add an old school marquee on the header. It’s simple and easy to use, you can add as many or as few messages as you like. It’s been set up with six on a slow move to keep it low key. Text can be changed in admin. You can change the css to suite your site. I would not recommend playing with the js unless you know what you are doing. The speed can be sped up or slowed down changing this line in the ext/js/marquee.js file. Line 317 duration: 200000, It’s responsive but as you might imagine not going to be easy to read on small screens. It has therefore been disabled on small screens, If you need it to show then in template file remove or comment out the following code in the <style >section @media only screen and (max-width: 479px) { .simple-marquee-container{ display: none !important; } } Again totally standalone with no core code change. Simply copy all files into relevant sections and go to admin modules /content modules and install. can bee see on test site. works on CE BS3 or BS4 https://chilleddisplays.co.uk That’s it Enjoy.
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    You can play with the layout to make it look pretty, but you got to stop at some point. 😊
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    JcM Product info description_tabs Select Updated to V1.4 to allow 2 additional videos from you-tube or other video servers to be displayed, again will only show if the files exist.
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    bootstrap new install

    shit never works
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    They are linked to Model number to help link them to the product beeing displayed as they are not in the db , but you can have as many as you like just edit the existing code to add more. I belive I limited it to 2 for all pdf and videos but that was just to keep it simple. This add-on has been updated since you downloaded it. The example below shows the latest. The tabs videos or manuals will only show on products that have one. https://chilleddisplays.co.uk/product_info.php/products_id/43
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    Return to Top App

    @burt Didn't you make a 'Return to Top' module for one of your 28 days bundles? M
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    show 200 on product listing site

    @JariVSee the All Products SEO addon.
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    Horizontal Categories Menu BS

    Here is a new version of the Horizontal Menu BS (v1.5). This one is made with CSS only and not using any javascript or jquery. It uses hover, meaning that when you mouse over the category names the drop down tab opens up. However you will have to use this new menu in conjunction with the Categories Menu XS since this new menu cannot be used on XS or SM view port due to lack of touch support. Special thanks to @rulegacy for the pure CSS and hover idea and for testing the menu. Here the package: Horizontal Menu BS v1.5.zip Enjoy!
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    28d, 2018

    Day 19 - Recover Carts Standalone page and helpers for the Admin Side, which allows you to easily email customers to let them know they have a saved (abandoned) cart. Core Code Changes NONE Admin Side (Box Link) Admin Side (Page Layout) Outgoing Email Contents can be changed in the Language File.