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    28d 2019, let's move the Project forward...

    28d10 - Hooks... I have Two Hooks for you today... 1. Checkout Progress Steps... This Hook changes the checkout progress bar so that it looks like this: Core Code Changes: BS4: NONE. Just upload the New file to overwrite the existing Hook. Language file included so you can change the words as you like. BS3: Checkout pages to include Hook. 2. Carts Merged... There is a situation in osCommerce where the customer can potentially checkout with unwanted items. It goes like this, customer logs in and adds item(s) to their cart, then logs out. She comes back a while later and adds in another item, then clicks checkout. At this point, she is redirected to checkout_shipping.php and it is possible to not notice the older items in cart (until the checkout_confirmation page). This Hook solves that by redirecting back to shopping_cart (after login) and adding a warning message; Core Code Changes: BS4 & BS3: 1 line of code for new Hook file inclusion. Want them? Message me.
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    28d 2019, let's move the Project forward...

    Thank You to the handful of good guys who felt able to take a chance on them getting some good modules and code without actually knowing what they'd get. You are stars. Each day in February I'll be adding in a new module/code. Hit the "FOLLOW" button to be notified whenever I reply to this post. Demo site is running Bootstrap v4, but ALL 28d offerings will have BOTH a BSv4 version AND a BSv3 version. If you are a very old version (eg Gold, or early somewhere in between Gold and Frozen), the BSv3 version is for you, but you'll get both in case you do ever update to the latest codebase. If you have general questions, or particular questions about each days offerings ... please post them here or PM me.
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    Product Options/Attributes

    The notion of not wanting to edit "stock" files is ridiculous. The CE is not a product that allows for this. There's a difference between a core file and a template file. Users should be encouraged to change template files instead of dumping everything into a user.css, which loads on every page. Totally inefficient, besides the fact that you're now adding redundant layers of CSS, duplicating the bootstrap CSS.
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    TY. Have done investigation and found following; Fixer (Free) Base currency MUST be EUR https://fixer.io/documentation - "Exchange rates delivered by the Fixer API are by default relative to EUR." Fixer (paid) Base currency can be any supported. CurrencyLayer (Free) Base currency MUST be USD https://currencylayer.com/documentation#source_currency_switching CurrencyLayer (paid) Base currency can be any supported. ExchangeLayer (new coded, not yet in Core) Base currency can be any supported.
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    That's ok not everyone will like this option which is fine, but as I said before " it's better than a poke in the eye! 😊 " It will get better with time and I dont see any alternative as no one has the time to maintain the language packs most of which are out of date!
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    Google translator translate very well from english to another language, but from another language to another language or to english ... it is the circus ! Sometimes, in the same day, the text is not translated identically. For me, Google Translator is not the solution for a merchant site where every word of a product description is important. It's just good for a personal site ... as long as you do not understand the translated language and believe that the translation is perfect ...
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    Fixer still works on live store with EUR base currency. Conversion to US$, GBP and CHF works flawless.
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    Modded all the files again to suit my needs and disabled stock description Only issue is product tabs not working on newly added products.
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    This is a very good point you make and I understand what you are saying. However from my experiance very few use this function and those that do use maybe at most 1 or 2 aditional languages. So for this I would say YES definatly add Google translate to your store every time. Why? 1) It's free and takes a few minutes to do 2)You can now offer your customers around 80 languages insted of 1 or 2! 3) Requires absolutely no maintenance by you! All you need is to maintain one main language which will make adding and editing products much simpler for you. In the end it's for each store operator to make there own mind up on this but I think looking forwared more sites will be single languge and make more and more use of auto translate.
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    As always @raiwa your feedback is welcome. However remember the add-on's are not compulsory for you are anyone else. If you like it use it, if not use somthing else. I would think this is an opportunity for the profesional developer to make a proper multiligual version and offer it for sale. For me I will keep making what I can with my limited skills and hopfully one or two people will like it and use it.
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    Yes it works. I just wasn't patient enough to wait 30-60 seconds for the translation to appear until the bottom of the page 🙄 So it works, but I would not call it fine. What about the stores which have already real multilanguage implemented. They shall they add the Google translation only for your modules which are missing multilanguage support?
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    As they say a picture is worth a thousand words.
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    28d 2019, let's move the Project forward...

    28d09 - Review Stars This module displays Stars and a link in the product_info page. Core Code Changes: NONE. System is 100% modular. Upload, and Turn On. Demo (any product on the demo site): https://template.me.uk/28d2019/product_info.php?products_id=19 (has a review) https://template.me.uk/28d2019/product_info.php?products_id=26 (does not) Interested: PM me if you want it and want to help the Project make more forward movement...
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    28d 2019, let's move the Project forward...

    28d08 - Store Stats This is a Content Module and a few child modules which display some cool info about your shop to give your customers satisfaction that they are working with a real shop that has real customers etc... System comes with 3 Child Modules as shown in the Demo. Child modules can be turned on/off, sort order can be changed, look/theme can be changed etc Core Code Changes: NONE, totally modular. Demo: https://template.me.uk/28d2019/ Look down the index page until you see 3 boxes. Each time a new customer or a new order is made or a review is made live, the boxes update. Child Modules: If anyone can think of more child modules that can show info about their shop...let me know. Maybe one could be "online customers now" ? But that might not be ideal for shops with little footfall... Want? PM Me.