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    HoneyPot Captcha

    All of the wamp packages come with IPV6 set to on, at least the newer ones do. As far as I know, no host enables that as the default (we don't, at least). To turn it off, open the http.conf file and search for Listen. The lines should look like this to turn IPV6 off: Listen #Listen [::0]:80
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    HoneyPot Captcha

    It's failing because you have the option to use the IPV6 format enabled. I may put a check in for what type of IP it is but I don't know that I will be changing the code to accept them. IPV6 IP's are still not used much so I don't find it worthwhile, time-wise, to code for them.
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    Fake accounts

    $bad_companies = array('google', 'apple'); if (in_array(strtolower($company), $bad_companies)) { $error = true; } You can add more company names into the $bad_companies array.