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    Laravel Ecommerce System

    Laravel Ecommerce System Is this the next big thing for ecarts? There are a number of new ecarts being developed using the Laravel framework. They appear to have a very short development cycle many are 1 or 2 man teams producing what look to be very slick carts in 12-15 months! They typically come fully loaded and ready to use out of the box. Looks like things are geting intresting in the ecart arena over the next few years. If you want to find out more about Laravel framework you can here https://laravel.com/ and here https://github.com/laravel/laravel Typicaly offering:- Easy Installation (Built-In Installer) 8 Theme for Storefront 2 Home page layout Home page banner sections Beautiful & Powerful Admin Panel Multiple Locales Multiple Countries Multiple Currencies Third Party Integration for Updating Currency Rates Scheduled Currency Rate Updating Advanced Home Page Customization Advanced Search Algolia Search Engine Integration Product Options Product Attributes Advanced Product Filtering Guest Checkout Customer Panel Sales Analytics Chart Search Log Advanced System Report Custom Static Page Unlimited Nested Categories Scheduled Special Product Price Country, State, City, Zip Based Tax Configuration Minimum Amount for Free Shipping File Manager Drag & Drop File Uploader Custom CSS/JS Custom 404 Page SEO Optimized Fully Responsive And More…
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    There is no update package. You need to install the latest "Edge" version and re-do any customizations you had done. I wouldn't try to update just one small part -- do the whole thing to do it right. I'm not sure if Edge is fully PHP 7.2 compatible -- it may be. Frozen is 7.1 compatible, and definitely has some problems on 7.2. See my signature for links to Frozen and Edge. "Edge" is labeled "master" on GitHub, which may be why you couldn't find it. Be aware that Edge is under constant development, and may not be stable enough for a production store, while Frozen is quite stable (although I would apply the various fixes listed in the thread). No one knows if Gary plans to release an updated Frozen, or just a stable version of Edge to eventually replace it.
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    😂 No not dead but definitely in ICU. Without a proper development path it will slowly get worse if thing don’t change. We have already seen a number of people on the forum try frozen get frustrated and go use something else. I’m sure a group of diehard users ( like me ) will keep slogging away with it but that's not the same thing as a thriving growing user group. There is only so much one person!
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    In any case, ask your host if/how it can be done. Usually it can, even though you may have to manually edit the test directory's .htaccess file. Assuming, of course, that your hosting service supports several PHP versions (the better ones do).
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    If you are on a remote server your c-panel may allow you to do that. Dan