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    @Jack_mcs Happy New Year! I trust you haven't worked all the way through. A good tip on the settings - it reminds me; one of my clients has the feature to add exceptions to the short words filter, and it's been such a long time I can't remember where it came from. Used it to be part of the addon, or was it extended for them?
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    Yet another new version has been uploaded. I forgot to add a fix by @BrockleyJohnin this post.
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    A new version has been uploaded with these changes: Added code to prevent a strict warning. Found by member @altoid. Changed instructions to give a warning in php 7 and would cause a failure in php 8. Changed more code for compatibility with php 7.2 - add by member @raiwa. See the update file for a change needed in the application_top.php file. Also, I suggest you check the settings for this addon. While they shouldn't have changed I find that one of the biggest things overlooked is the short word filter. Most shop owners, in my experience, leave it set at 3, which may be correct. But if the shop has names that are less than 3 characters. the url may not be as you want and may even be incorrect. For example, if you sell a product named "Ring size 7" and another named "Ring size 8", both will appear as "Ring size" and could be confusing to your customers.
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    Paypal Express Dropping Tax Calculation

    Fixed for now - I added a function in general that looks to see if the PAYMENTREQUEST_0_TAXAMT is in the Paypal array which then turns on the tax rate I need. The fact that this works suggests that it was the shop that calculated the rate by itself (disregarding the PayPal return) and the shop was dropping the tax rate.
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    @altoid you can reduce the number of connections required with a simple edit, in the file seo.class.php, in the database handling class at the top, edit the function ConnectDB so that it is simply: function ConnectDB(){ global $db_link; $this->link_id = $db_link; } This makes the class reuse the connection that you already made with tep_db_connect, so each page request only needs a single connection.