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    Thank You to the handful of good guys who felt able to take a chance on them getting some good modules and code without actually knowing what they'd get. You are stars. Each day in February I'll be adding in a new module/code. Hit the "FOLLOW" button to be notified whenever I reply to this post. Demo site is running Bootstrap v4, but ALL 28d offerings will have BOTH a BSv4 version AND a BSv3 version. If you are a very old version (eg Gold, or early somewhere in between Gold and Frozen), the BSv3 version is for you, but you'll get both in case you do ever update to the latest codebase. If you have general questions, or particular questions about each days offerings ... please post them here or PM me.
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    Bootstrap 4 in

    Bootstrap 3 will be around for years - no point overthinking that, so forget it. The main "problem" will be upgrade php. Some people say php7.2 is working fine, others report it is not working fine. At the end of the 28d, dependant on support thereof, I hope to have gotten enough time in hand to get the following done and complete; make sure shop and admin are ready for 7.2 (at the very least, possibly 7.3 if I can swing it) -> no warnings and no errors product class -> rework relevant modules to use it But as with all things, one step at a time, and right now that step is trying to get some time in hand to actually do "stuff".
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    Merry Xmas to all. Hopefully we all will have a peaceful week or two off and come back in 2019 with recharged battery.
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    Addon Feedback

    Certainly, a member of the forum may have been the straw that makes the vase overflow, but it should not be seen as a personal attack. I think some here forget what OsCommerce is all about: allowing shop owners to have an online store. Competition is often due between shop owners who have the same activity. The customer will not necessarily choose the lowest prices, but he will choose a site where navigation is fast. A site can be fast thanks to a good host, but also because its code is clean and optimized. A code with lots of code errors (html, php and / or mysql) will slow down the site, creating random errors that will be displayed to the client. And that's not good at all. To be able to report a badly realized addon is not to declare the war to its author, but to render a service to all the shop owners who will install it. A shop is not a toy, it is a source of income. I think I remember that in his HPDL roadmap came the idea that addons should be checked before publication. This joins burt's idea in a way.
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    28d17 - Saved Carts This Box module allows (logged in) customer to save multiple carts for future use. Core Code Changes: Frozen & Later: NONE. System is 100% modular. Upload, and Turn On. Older than Frozen: Either one core code change (takes 5 minutes) or bring your shop more modular by introducing app_top actions (takes 5 minutes). Demo: You need to be logged in at https://template.me.uk/28d2019/ to test it. But in case you don't want to do that, here's some explanation: No Saved Carts - so the message shows. Something in Cart - the save cart button shows. Shows three saved carts. Nothing is in the Cart, so no "save cart" button. Customer can click on a cart to load said cart...
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    Addon Feedback

    This is a great idea. Feed back should address funtionality, compatibility, etc. And not include personal attacks, snide remarks and so on. Feedback that goes personal should be removed. No drama please, I get that enough in today's politics.
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    28d15 - Previous/Next Button This module displays Previous/Next Paging in the product_info page. Core Code Changes: NONE. System is 100% modular. Upload, and Turn On. Demo: https://template.me.uk/28d2019/product_info.php?products_id=17 Scroll to bottom of page and you will see:
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    28d13 - Parent Category... For today we have a simple little Mod which displays a Button that takes you back to the Parent Category. Core Code Changes: NONE. 100% Modular. Demo: https://template.me.uk/28d2019/index.php?cPath=3_13 Want It? Get in touch.
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    28d04 - Qty Input This module displays a Quantity Input on the product_info page. Core Code Changes: NONE. System is 100% modular. If on Gold, you *might* need to update one file to bring it to a more modern standard. Demo: https://template.me.uk/28d2019/product_info.php?products_id=25 Look for the Qty Input next to the Buy Button... Interested: PM Me please as without shopowner support, osC is no more.
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    28d02 - Product Tab System This allows shopowner to add a TAB content module. Each Tab is then a Child module which displays relevant data... Included Child Modules: Gallery, Shipping, Conditions, Product URL More Child Modules to follow. Basically any data can be put into a Child Module, so let me know your ideas. Core Code Changes: NONE. System is 100% modular. Demo: https://template.me.uk/28d2019/product_info.php Look underneath the Buy Button for this: Interested: PM Me...
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    28d01 - Social Links This is a Content Module and a few child modules which display your social links in a modal (popup). Core Code Changes: NONE, totally modular. The Child modules can easily be re-arranged using Sort Order etc. Demo: https://template.me.uk/28d2019/ Look at the Footer area for this: Interested: Please PM me to discuss how you can support the Responsive Project.
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    Addon Feedback

    Would it be of interest to the shopowner community if public feedback was given on addon support threads? Feedback could be from other shopowners and from coders. I'm thinking things like: This addon uses incorrect HTML This addon is not multilingual This addon should use addBlock not addContent This addon is excellent in all regards etcetc
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    28d18 - Replacement Gallery A Content Module that replaces the Core Gallery with something (in my opinion) better! Core Code Changes: NONE. System is 100% modular. Upload, and Turn On. Demo: https://template.me.uk/28d2019/product_info.php?products_id=28 Notes: This module allows you to turn off two Core modules.
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    Addon Feedback

    Coder to "Coder": The idea would be to advise the "coder" that he/she has made mistake(s) and to point out what could/should be done in a different way. Shopowner to "Coder": The idea would be to let other Shopowners know what did not work as expected. In other words, keeping things factual so that the "coder" can learn from his errors, fix up code and start to produce better addons. That is, surely, a win-win scenario for all; the coder learns from his mistakes the ones using the code if the coder remakes it into a better version future users will never have to download code that is not ideal osCommerce gets more well coded addons into the Apps area It is certainly not a case of "point and laugh", it is a case of making "coders" aware that they have a basic responsibility to make addons that are not broken from the outset. How can one learn if constructive feedback is not given ? Personal Viewpoint I'm probably the coder that has been here the longest - some of my early addons were DIRE - including one that included a hack vector - my knowledge simply was not good enough at the time and I was trying to show off 😕 Even today, 20 years later, I make mistakes. There is a mistake in one of my 28d things that a shopowner noticed - I had not noticed it - I thanked the shopowner for the heads-up and fixed the code, and will send out the renewed file to replace the old.
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    Smoky Barnable

    Addon Feedback

    Support threads can/should also be a channel to improve and build on to the add-on to make it better for the community. So of course feedback and suggestions should not only be allowed but encouraged. However telling someone that their addon is garbage is absurd and discourages others who would like to contribute for fear of public ridicule. This is an open source and community environment. It's tantamount to a teacher telling a student to be quiet because his question is stupid. There is no teacher here...no hierarchy that I can see. We all can learn from each other. Some coding "expert" demanding code changes is laughable. The concept is offer polite suggestions and move on. If you don't like an addon don't use it or better yet create your own....or even better simply work together. The personal insults/posturing is getting old. I'm tired of reading them.
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    Addon Feedback

    Agreed. I've (and even my family!) has been the target of personal abuse from members of this forum and it sucks. So yes, personal attacks and snide remarks would not be welcomed - from the feedback giver. If the OP then resorts to personal attacks and snide remarks, it's another warning sign not to use that addon. And I do consider this as a snide remark: "if you think you can do better, do it" but I maybe in the minority of thinking that?
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    28d11 - Contact Us Have you done anything regarding your search page when no results (or even results) are found for a search? This little mod allows a Contact Us form on the page... Core Code Changes: 1 line of code to call the module. Demo: https://template.me.uk/28d2019/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=sadfbgo Want It? Get in touch...
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    28d10 - Hooks... I have Two Hooks for you today... 1. Checkout Progress Steps... This Hook changes the checkout progress bar so that it looks like this: Core Code Changes: BS4: NONE. Just upload the New file to overwrite the existing Hook. Language file included so you can change the words as you like. BS3: Checkout pages to include Hook. 2. Carts Merged... There is a situation in osCommerce where the customer can potentially checkout with unwanted items. It goes like this, customer logs in and adds item(s) to their cart, then logs out. She comes back a while later and adds in another item, then clicks checkout. At this point, she is redirected to checkout_shipping.php and it is possible to not notice the older items in cart (until the checkout_confirmation page). This Hook solves that by redirecting back to shopping_cart (after login) and adding a warning message; Core Code Changes: BS4 & BS3: 1 line of code for new Hook file inclusion. Want them? Message me.
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    28d06 - Admin Info Modules Three little modules that give the Shopowner some data about his Shop. Error Log If your site is creating Error Log, those Errors need to be solved. Install Date Shows the original Install Date of your Bootstrapped Shop. README.md Have you deleted the README file. Core Code Changes: NONE. System is 100% modular. Demo: No demo link as this is Admin Side! Interested: Get in touch.
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    28d03 - Discontinued Message This allows shopowner to add a "Discontinued" message to products. Core Code Changes: NONE. System is 100% modular. Demo: https://template.me.uk/28d2019/product_info.php?products_id=25 Look for the Big Red Message, it should be fairly self explanatory. Interested: PM Me...
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    Just a little light hearted fun for the festive season. 😊 JcM Festive Snowfall V1.0 CE BS4/3 A simple add-on to let you add some festive cheer to your website. Will give a falling snow shower all over the website. Can be configured in admin to set quantity, size, speed, color and shape of the snowfall. Again totally standalone with no core code change. Simply copy all files into relevant sections and go to admin modules /content and install. Has been tested on CE BS4 and CE BS3. Again can be seen running on the test sites. https://chilleddisplays.co.uk/ Enjoy.
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    Dear @Rwe, You're wrong. people who do not try do not win. look at steve jobs how many failures he had on the road before having so much success. @JcMagpie at least tries and gives support when there are problems, while others do not try, or are just looking for clients. If you do not like his addons you can always contact @burt who makes some incredible and professional addons. best regards Valqui
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    JcM Custom Information Modal CE BS4/BS3 A simple add-on to let you place a Custom Modal Button onto your site. You can use it for whatever you need as it can be totaly customised in admin. You can change the button and the content as you like in admin. It can contain a simple text message or be as complex as you like. It has been tested on CEBS4 and CE BS3 only. Enjoy. 20190207_153255.mp4
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    Installation is very simple. 1) unzip osC 2) FTP all osC files to you public_html folder 3) using you control panel cPanel in 99% of cases! Go to your database and make a new database for your store. 4) Open your browser and go to your website, you will see the osC install start screen. Simply follow all the instructions on screen and you will install osC. 5) when done rename or remove the install directory. 6) Install SSL if you need to and update the config files as required. 7) go to admin and test your tables and apply security to folders. That’s that's pretty much it for the basic install, then its just a case of you setting it up as you need.
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    Removing fake customers

    Any input form on your site that accepts input from a user and stores it in your database is open to abuse. You just have to do what you can to secure each one. @Jack_mcs Honeypot lets you pick which pages to cover so should work for most issues. If it’s some idiot sitting at a pc with time on there hands doing the spamming ( and there are many doing this) then there is very little you can do to stop them. Blocking IP’s works for a while but the just move to another using VPN’s! If it’s bot’s then the honeypot should catch most of them. They look at the code and when they find a form/input filed they dump rubbish into it. Honeypots normally add a hidden ( to the user) filed to the page which the user will not see but the bot’s will and they dump rubbish into it which tells the honeypot that it’s not a human and it can block that bot.