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    Early days still, but since adding the auto fill form and the Guest checkout notice, not had a single abandoned cart! Now that's never happend before. To early to draw any final conclusions but still moving in right direction. What is surprising is that customers who already have accounts are prefering to check out as guest!
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    Mobile adjusted website?

    Make sure you understand that the only really usable version, osC Edge/CE/Frozen, is not the official release listed in the osCommerce Downloads section of this site. That version is many years out of date and will break on any reasonably modern server. This is a "community-supported" version. If you are still running a 15 year old version of osC, check what PHP and MySQL levels your server is at, before attempting to install the new version. Your server should be at a minimum of PHP 5.6 (which goes out of support at the end of the year, PHP 7.1 is better), with "MySQLi" installed, and MySQL 5.0 or higher. If your server is not up to that level, change to another that is up-to-date before attempting to install and run the new version (your old store will not run on the new server!). It is possible to preserve all your data from an old live shop, but it will take some careful work. You can start with a copy or clone of your current database, and use SQL commands to modify its structure to match the modern version. If you're not up to that, hire someone to do it for you. Most data is kept in the database, so that's the bulk of the job. Then, image files (product images, store logo, etc.) can just be copied over to the new installation. Note that this is not an in-place upgrade of the old store, but a fresh installation of a whole new store, along with the migration of the old store's data. If you want to keep the old store running in the meantime, you'll have to take care not to damage it in the process by being careless with the new store's installation (especially not overwriting the old database). In any case, you should have a full backup of the old store (code and database and files), and know how to restore it (you've practiced actually restoring the backup into a working copy). If your old store is not working, or is otherwise inactive, consider simply installing the new store, removing the sample data, and starting from scratch, rather than trying to migrate the old data. What you will get with the new store: mobile-ready (with Bootstrap), PHP 7.1+ compatible, MySQLi compatible, lots of bug fixes and new features, much easier to customize colors, etc. (all in CSS now).
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    Mobile adjusted website?

    You have to create a new database, then run the installer that is included once it is uploaded to your hosting server. The database will be filled with test products and setting so you can see the store working. Then you need to set it up and activate some modules. Then you will need to transfer all your customer, order, sales and product data from your old database to the new one. If you cant do that, there are people here that will either help you or do it for you if you post in the paid for help area.