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    Bootstrap 4 in

    Code https://github.com/gburton/Responsive-osCommerce Demo https://template.me.uk/frozen2bs4/index.php Reminders Frozen is still frozen (at bootstrap v3) Admin is still not bootstrapped
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    Thank You to the handful of good guys who felt able to take a chance on them getting some good modules and code without actually knowing what they'd get. You are stars. Each day in February I'll be adding in a new module/code. Hit the "FOLLOW" button to be notified whenever I reply to this post. Demo site is running Bootstrap v4, but ALL 28d offerings will have BOTH a BSv4 version AND a BSv3 version. If you are a very old version (eg Gold, or early somewhere in between Gold and Frozen), the BSv3 version is for you, but you'll get both in case you do ever update to the latest codebase. If you have general questions, or particular questions about each days offerings ... please post them here or PM me.
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    Bootstrap 4 in

    Bootstrap 3 will be around for years - no point overthinking that, so forget it. The main "problem" will be upgrade php. Some people say php7.2 is working fine, others report it is not working fine. At the end of the 28d, dependant on support thereof, I hope to have gotten enough time in hand to get the following done and complete; make sure shop and admin are ready for 7.2 (at the very least, possibly 7.3 if I can swing it) -> no warnings and no errors product class -> rework relevant modules to use it But as with all things, one step at a time, and right now that step is trying to get some time in hand to actually do "stuff".
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    Merry Xmas to all. Hopefully we all will have a peaceful week or two off and come back in 2019 with recharged battery.
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    Product Page Layout

    Totally do-able, it is exactly as @raiwa says. Gallery 10 6 Name 20 6 Model 30 3 Price 40 3 Attributes 50 6 Buy 60 3 Reviews 70 3 Description 80 6 You are constrained by the DEPTH of the Gallery, so place a minimum height on this using CSS which would be placed in user.css @media only screen and (min-width : 768px) { div.cm-pi-gallery { min-height: 1000px; } } Change the min-height on this to better reflect your needs. You will then also need to amend tpl_ files for product_info, at the very least; remove clearfix from reviews button tpl restyle price as it would look weird as a h* Prior to the extra tpl_ change for price, you would end up with something like: Of course, how this would look in XS...is debatable, and that is why you can micromanage the layout using those tpl_ files if you so wish. My system for these modules uses only the SM layer.... however, that micro-management is where things get really complicated really quickly and hence why I did not put that level of management into Core.
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    Addon Feedback

    This is a great idea. Feed back should address funtionality, compatibility, etc. And not include personal attacks, snide remarks and so on. Feedback that goes personal should be removed. No drama please, I get that enough in today's politics.
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    28d15 - Previous/Next Button This module displays Previous/Next Paging in the product_info page. Core Code Changes: NONE. System is 100% modular. Upload, and Turn On. Demo: https://template.me.uk/28d2019/product_info.php?products_id=17 Scroll to bottom of page and you will see:
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    28d13 - Parent Category... For today we have a simple little Mod which displays a Button that takes you back to the Parent Category. Core Code Changes: NONE. 100% Modular. Demo: https://template.me.uk/28d2019/index.php?cPath=3_13 Want It? Get in touch.
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    28d04 - Qty Input This module displays a Quantity Input on the product_info page. Core Code Changes: NONE. System is 100% modular. If on Gold, you *might* need to update one file to bring it to a more modern standard. Demo: https://template.me.uk/28d2019/product_info.php?products_id=25 Look for the Qty Input next to the Buy Button... Interested: PM Me please as without shopowner support, osC is no more.
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    28d02 - Product Tab System This allows shopowner to add a TAB content module. Each Tab is then a Child module which displays relevant data... Included Child Modules: Gallery, Shipping, Conditions, Product URL More Child Modules to follow. Basically any data can be put into a Child Module, so let me know your ideas. Core Code Changes: NONE. System is 100% modular. Demo: https://template.me.uk/28d2019/product_info.php Look underneath the Buy Button for this: Interested: PM Me...
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    28d01 - Social Links This is a Content Module and a few child modules which display your social links in a modal (popup). Core Code Changes: NONE, totally modular. The Child modules can easily be re-arranged using Sort Order etc. Demo: https://template.me.uk/28d2019/ Look at the Footer area for this: Interested: Please PM me to discuss how you can support the Responsive Project.
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    Hello everyone. After 2 years of work I managed to finish (at last) the site that I made to a relative of mine, in production. I like to receive your reviews, opinions, criticisms and suggestions before I enable it to the public. The site is: www.ferreteriaideal.com.uy I would also like to thank all those who helped me in this process directly and indirectly: Harald Ponce de Leon - for creating oscommerce. @burt - for creating the Community Bootstrap Edition EDGE. @raiwa - for creating the EDGE version in Spanish and its great addons. Also for excellent support that he gives them. I need to mention @Jack_mcs, @Tsimi , @kymation , @auzStar and many others for their great addons and support. But the one who deserves special thanks is Zahid @JcMagpie for his help, willingness to help and the passion he has for oscommerce. I learned a lot from him, from his publications on the site and the advice he gave. It is important to mention its great addons that contributes to this community (which every time unfortunately is shrinking due to lack of leadership). Anyway, I thank all those who interacted with me in the good and bad times, because from everybody I learned, although I only keep the positive. Kisses and I hope you have an excellent weekend Valqui
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    Bootstrap 4 in

    In addition to the multiple changes made to accommodate BSv4, I have also changed a few other bits; Content Module - Footer - Links Now easier to add in links Box Module - Information Ditto Breadcrumb Separate logic and display How are we finding the new osCommerce?
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    Feedback for raiwa

    If you buy an addon you are buying software without instalation service. Each addon package includes instructions for instalation. However you’ve got free support through 20 mails including one free customization and advices for problems unrelated with the purchased add-ons. You have never engaged me any job and didn’t pay for any request.
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    Addon Feedback

    Would it be of interest to the shopowner community if public feedback was given on addon support threads? Feedback could be from other shopowners and from coders. I'm thinking things like: This addon uses incorrect HTML This addon is not multilingual This addon should use addBlock not addContent This addon is excellent in all regards etcetc
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    Addon Feedback

    Agreed. I've (and even my family!) has been the target of personal abuse from members of this forum and it sucks. So yes, personal attacks and snide remarks would not be welcomed - from the feedback giver. If the OP then resorts to personal attacks and snide remarks, it's another warning sign not to use that addon. And I do consider this as a snide remark: "if you think you can do better, do it" but I maybe in the minority of thinking that?
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    28d11 - Contact Us Have you done anything regarding your search page when no results (or even results) are found for a search? This little mod allows a Contact Us form on the page... Core Code Changes: 1 line of code to call the module. Demo: https://template.me.uk/28d2019/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=sadfbgo Want It? Get in touch...
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    28d10 - Hooks... I have Two Hooks for you today... 1. Checkout Progress Steps... This Hook changes the checkout progress bar so that it looks like this: Core Code Changes: BS4: NONE. Just upload the New file to overwrite the existing Hook. Language file included so you can change the words as you like. BS3: Checkout pages to include Hook. 2. Carts Merged... There is a situation in osCommerce where the customer can potentially checkout with unwanted items. It goes like this, customer logs in and adds item(s) to their cart, then logs out. She comes back a while later and adds in another item, then clicks checkout. At this point, she is redirected to checkout_shipping.php and it is possible to not notice the older items in cart (until the checkout_confirmation page). This Hook solves that by redirecting back to shopping_cart (after login) and adding a warning message; Core Code Changes: BS4 & BS3: 1 line of code for new Hook file inclusion. Want them? Message me.
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    28d06 - Admin Info Modules Three little modules that give the Shopowner some data about his Shop. Error Log If your site is creating Error Log, those Errors need to be solved. Install Date Shows the original Install Date of your Bootstrapped Shop. README.md Have you deleted the README file. Core Code Changes: NONE. System is 100% modular. Demo: No demo link as this is Admin Side! Interested: Get in touch.
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    28d03 - Discontinued Message This allows shopowner to add a "Discontinued" message to products. Core Code Changes: NONE. System is 100% modular. Demo: https://template.me.uk/28d2019/product_info.php?products_id=25 Look for the Big Red Message, it should be fairly self explanatory. Interested: PM Me...
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    Just a little light hearted fun for the festive season. 😊 JcM Festive Snowfall V1.0 CE BS4/3 A simple add-on to let you add some festive cheer to your website. Will give a falling snow shower all over the website. Can be configured in admin to set quantity, size, speed, color and shape of the snowfall. Again totally standalone with no core code change. Simply copy all files into relevant sections and go to admin modules /content and install. Has been tested on CE BS4 and CE BS3. Again can be seen running on the test sites. https://chilleddisplays.co.uk/ Enjoy.
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    Bootstrap 4 in

    Main class chnages between BS3 and BS4 😊 Plenty of people have already applied BS4 to osC. Main question is if you have already built your site and its up and running with the add-on's working fine, do you really want to go through all that again just for BS4? But if you are just starting out and don't need any add-ons then why not you might as well. Bootstrap 3.x Bootstrap 4 .col-*-offset-* .offset-* .col-*-push-* .order-*-2 .col-*-pull-* .order-*-1 .panel .card .panel-heading .card-header .panel-title .card-title .panel-body .card-body .panel-footer .card-footer .panel-primary .card.bg-primary.text-white .panel-success .card.bg-success.text-white .panel-info .card.text-white.bg-info .panel-warning .card.bg-warning .panel-danger .card.bg-danger.text-white .well .card.card-body .thumbnail .card.card-body .list-inline > li .list-inline-item .dropdown-menu > li .dropdown-item .nav navbar > li .nav-item .nav navbar > li > a .nav-link .navbar-right .ml-auto .navbar-btn .nav-item .navbar-fixed-top .fixed-top .nav-stacked .flex-column .btn-default .btn-secondary .img-responsive .img-fluid .img-circle .rounded-circle .img-rounded .rounded .form-horizontal (removed) .radio .form-check .checkbox .form-check .input-lg .form-control-lg .input-sm .form-control-sm .control-label .col-form-label .table-condensed .table-sm .pagination > li .page-item .pagination > li > a .page-link .item .carousel-item .help-block .form-text .pull-right .float-right .pull-left .float-left .center-block .mx-auto.d-block .hidden-xs .d-none .hidden-sm .d-sm-none .hidden-md .d-md-none .hidden-lg .d-lg-none .visible-xs .d-block.d-sm-none .visible-sm .d-none.d-sm-block.d-md-none .visible-md .d-none.d-md-block.d-lg-none .visible-lg .d-none.d-lg-block.d-xl-none .label .badge .badge .badge.badge-pill
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    Featured Products BS

    New version uploaded: Featured Products BS Changes version 1.6.: - PHP 7.2 notice error fix in application_top.php - added admin/box module language file to avoid modifying main language file
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    Sorry but that is not a valid reason. I would never choose a cart system because their forum software is up to date. I rather have an old(er) forum software but the latest and greatest osC system regularly updated and taking care of. Yes he indeed did but once again nothing happened. Not sure what his time frame or deadline is since he does not communicate it. Regular updates to the project. Showing up in the forum from time to time, in short(er) intervals. As Ambassador besides getting a larger message inbox upgrade maybe a few more perks like editing your own posts even past 15min. The money should go into the development of the osC cart system. Meaning you pay the coders or team members for their work to keep them motivated. Could be also achieved with a better Market place where paid apps could be sold and osC could take a certain % from the sold apps. With that they could finance whatever they need and offer good, professional apps with support. I really don't want to sound like a broken record but the issues are all still there and nothing has changed. Maybe Harald got fed up with us after his last visit but what did he expect? Flowers and a pad on the shoulder for neglecting this project? We offered help and a temporary solution to keep osC somewhat alive, it has been denied. I don't care if I can now show 50 different smileys or only 10. Merging the forums should not be his priority and if there is a big picture behind all this then he should simply communicate it on a regular basis. Regarding donating money, I mean if someone feels that giving money as a sign of appreciation then sure go ahead. But if you expect to get something more because you become ambassador or the project development moves faster forward then you are mistaken. A simple "thank you" as Steve just posted will also suffice especially if it comes from someone that is daily here giving help and support in the forum to others for free.
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    Decided to take a further look at what the competition are doing to make it easy to for customer. I’ve already looked at checkout so decided to look at the front end. How easy is it to sign up and make an account? Well the results were quite surprising. It looks as if osC is out of step with many of the market leaders. Put simply our first look for the customer is very off putting compared to most others. Lets just have a look. Shopify Magento WooCommerce OpenCart osCommerce I think anyone looking at these would see that our create account page is clearly out of step and could be seen as very off putting! Do we really need all that info up front! I think the competitors have clearly seen the need to make the first contact the customer has as low key as possible. Woocommerce have taken this a step further and removed the create account all together from the front page. You just shop and go to check out and then you are simply given a simple tick box if you want to make an account. I think it's clear from this that we have to update our create account process as it could be off putting to new customers. We could just do what Wooo do and get rid of it from index and just make it a simple selection option on the check out page. I think that combined with the ideas for streamlining the checkout could make osC a much better experience for customers.