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    Frozen to BSv4

    http://template.me.uk/frozen2bs4/index.php I still have some work to do (especially on the modules for index & index_nested & index_products). Always moving forward, even if in "hiding".
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    Frozen to BSv4

    Massive changes in bootstrap structure between v3 and v4. If shopowner is using an unabused recentish Edge or Frozen... drop on the new files. When...soon. Where...undecided. To whom...people who I feel are supportive. Next two projects are lined up which will radically change osCommerce for the better.
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    Frozen to BSv4

    All New Cart Page
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    Frozen to BSv4

    Carousel is built into BSv4, and a quick and easy module built, so all that needs to be done is turn it on. No limit to number of images and no need to change any core code Grid/List module is now a lot smoother Footer area is now cleaner code Lots of code changes in other places to suit the new layout style of BSv4 I know some people appreciate what goes on, I am certain that others do not. That's life.
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    https://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/359350-change-the-text-new-products-for-month/?do=findComment&comment=1514519 Could be implemented into the products_new.php page?
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    How to make a 2.4 App

    @frankl Thank you for this post. In 2009 my first learn about osC, with a little bit c++ program knowledge learn long time ago at school, it took me 6 months to read all the posts, practices to install addons, and finally start a osC shopping cart system. Others suggested me to go wordpress as better and easier to design a beautiful website... I stay with osC as I love the community supports and real free open source concepts! And this post, good title, and explain, steps by steps guides, less then 6 minutes to follow through.....love it and thank you!!! Lyn