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    I just installed the twitter typehead search. https://apps.oscommerce.com/c1sKS&twitter-typeahead-autocomplete-search Its a module so you just upload the files, turn the old module off and turn the new one one. Real easy now. No code changes what ever. Anyone altering the core code on the CE version wants to learn to do things properly.
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    Actually, all we've done is change the date on it. It's still the same mumbo-jumbo that no-one ever reads. After receiving sooooooo many emails from other sites stating that they have changed theirs, we just felt left out ... (carry on)
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    Seeing as though you have to opt in now, technically you just do nothing and get deleted from their lists. I have saved the few emails that I have had from unknown companies and if I receive another email from them, then I will start the asking for data routine and see what they do. Businesses have had ages to get ready for this, so why today I am still receiving emails, past the introduction date, I have no idea. I had one customer, who over the years has been a PITA email me asking for the information that I had on him. I just used his email address, used @burtGarys modules and converted them to a PDF and emailed him back straight away. I could have waited the maximum 30 days before sending it too him, but I would have forgotten. I bet he didnt expect something back in less than 15 minutes.
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    Sitemap SEO

    I know. It works fine in previous versions. I will fix it once I have time.
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    Sitemap SEO

    @Jack_mcs Jack, Valqui is right, there is a problem with these two modules displaying. I'm not sure if it's the javascript, the hook file, or the modules. And, the modules' html needs to be restructured. I looked at the source code and there are partial html table structures inside div tags,.. and that's just for the Categories module that displays.
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    Sitemap SEO

    @valquiria23 Valqui, I think the reason you cannot enable Articles Manager, InfoPages and Page Manager.. is because I you have to have those addons installed first. I have the same thing on my BS Edge install. As for the manufacturers and related pages on the product_info.php page, I just noticed that I have the same issue. I actually have not seen that Related Categories menu on the product_info.php page, until you brought it up. I'll look into it on my end and see if I can come up with anything.
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    Paypal not registering Customer Name

    It seems that given_name and family_name is no longer working My fix In includes/modules/content/login/cm_paypal_login.php After $force_login = false; Add // fixme if (!isset($response['given_name']) && !isset($response['family_name'])) { //code to extract firstname and lastname from name $name = explode(' ', $response['name']); $response['given_name'] = tep_db_prepare_input($name[0]); $response['family_name'] = tep_db_prepare_input((isset($name[count($name)-1]) ? $name[count($name)-1] : '')); } Before tep_db_perform(TABLE_CUSTOMERS, $sql_data_array); Add // fixme if ($this->hasAttribute('date_of_birth') && isset($response['birthday']) && !empty($response['birthday'])) { $sql_data_array['customers_dob'] = tep_db_prepare_input($response['birthday']); }