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    28d, 2018

    Here is the next piece of the GDPR jigsaw puzzle. If you add up Article 20 and Recital 68...you (shopowner) have to give your customers a way to download their data. Good luck doing that - what a timesink - you are going to have to collate all of the customers data, create a file, tell them where it is, help them to download it etc. Bah, let's do all that automatically. Port My Data Module Clicking the Button allows the customer to download all of their data. Admin Side. Just turn it on. Once I get it fully tested in a live scenario, it'll go out to all and certainly prior to the 25th.
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    @azpro I didn't think about that at the time. I was just submitting some pages to check for errors and it came up. However, I think you are correct.
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    Path To "Final"

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    Sitemap SEO

    A new version has been uploaded. The changes are only for the Bootstrap version and maybe some later versions of 2.3.4. If your shop is a different version, there's no need to bother with this update. Here are the changes made: Added a clear command on the sitemap page to keep continue button in place - found by member 14steve14. Added index modules (BS and some later 2.3.4 versions only). Added hook for the product page (BS and some later 2.3.4 versions only). Fixed some security issues. Removed the install instructions that referenced database tables and filenames for the BS version - found by member valquiria23. Please be sure to read the install file since the procedure has changed.