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    Anyone up for it? With the limitations of 2.3.4 becoming more evident and a lack of progress from the official branch making it difficult to move forward, we should "go it alone" on 2.4. @burt has done a fantastic job of the Community Version so far but improving 2.3.4 any further isn't worth the effort, as he's already indicated by making it Final. I feel effort would be better spent on software more suitable for everyone. We have the basic building blocks: 1. The software - https://www.oscommerce.com/Products 2. How to build an app step by step - 3. Documentation - https://library.oscommerce.com/Online&en&oscom_2_4&developers We would need commitment from community members to make it happen! Already done according to the documentation: OSC\OM Framework Introduce a framework to replace legacy classes and functions with. Bootstrap Frontend Framework Replace the jQuery UI based Shop, Admin, and Setup frontend with Bootstrap. Self-Contained Apps Introduce self-contained Apps with support for self-defined modules and url routes. Hooks Introduce hook calls. Online Updates Introduce an online update feature for the core. INI Style Language Definitions Move the language definitions to ini style files. Still needs to be done (according to the documentation): Legacy Cleanup Move core modules to an osCommerce App. Migrate remaining classes to the new framework, including: Breadcrumb Currencies Language Message Stack Navigation History Shopping Cart SEO Introduce SEO features. Database Schema Comparison Introduce a database schema comparison tool existing store owners can use as part of their upgrade. Hook Action Calls Finalize hook action calls throughout the codebase. Online Updates Extend the online update feature to installed Apps. App Browser Introduce an online App browser and installer. Language Packs Support community maintained language packs and provide a list of ready to be used languages in the setup routine. Legacy Compatibility Module Automatically re-map legacy v2.3 classes, functions, and code to the new framework for compatibility with existing v2.3 add-ons. ------------------------------ There would be a problem with the online app browser, installer and update feature of course, as that hasn't been implemented anywhere yet. There is also a hidden templating feature which would need to be worked on. There are templates for: Admin - includes/OSC/Sites/Admin/Templates/Sail Store - includes/OSC/Sites/Shop/Templates/Sail There would need to be admin to install and switch templates. I can't see that in the current code. So, I think the most important thing to do first would be to analyse what is important, what should be added (product, products, customer classes for instance?), what can be ported from 2.3.4 Community Edition (updated breadcrumb module etc) and then exactly what needs to be done. After that, a roadmap can be created. Time to leave 2.3.4 Community Edition behind and start on something new. Comments? Thoughts?
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    Modular Checkout

    @burt, @BrockleyJohn, @Dan Cole, @piernas, @PiLLaO, @Tsimi, @ArtcoInc, @Moxamint, and all others Finished the modularization of processes. Full OSC2.3.4.1 BS EDGE Branch (including install sql update): https://github.com/raiwa/Responsive-osCommerce/tree/modular-checkout Only modified files: https://github.com/raiwa/Modular-Checkout/tree/more-modularization_01 Tested with core shipping and payment modules. Paypal standard and express in sandbox mode. Please try and test, if posible also with developer copies of real stores and third party shipping and payment modules. Please test also with different sort ordes. Known issues- doubts: 1. Redirect array in Checkout shipping: + allows comment module to do its process before redirect to Checkout payment if it’s below shipping method module + allows add-ons to do things before redirect + allows add-ons to interfere in redirect (flag redirect false) – code change 2. Shall the same redirect array be added to checkout_shipping_address and payment_address?: Not needed for core modules Same + for add-ons like above 3. Checkout payment: Leave payment modules javascript validation in main file or move to tpl_cm_cp_payment_methods.php Thanks for testing
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    Antonio Garcia

    Addon installer concept

    Yes, I saw these scripts and also I think that they should be a good starting point. All these functions packed in a generic class plus another zip class that handles read/copy, etc may do the work. (Guau! How easy is make code whitout write it!) In the other hand, I'm a 2.3 hooligan, so in the next osC football match competition I like play with the 2.3 team, with the number 4...
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    Featured Products BS

    Dear Dominic @auzStar this solution worked flawlessly !!! better impossible! Thank you so so so much!! Please if at any time you have a few minutes, it would be amazing to have modules also for the top-level category i.e. index_nested pages, and the sub-category product pages. Best regards and Enjoy your weekend! Valqui
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    did install it few min ago on (osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3.4),have to say ,easy to do it and took me just few min and it works flawless. Thank you very much !!!