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    Antonio Garcia

    Addon installer concept

    Yes, I saw these scripts and also I think that they should be a good starting point. All these functions packed in a generic class plus another zip class that handles read/copy, etc may do the work. (Guau! How easy is make code whitout write it!) In the other hand, I'm a 2.3 hooligan, so in the next osC football match competition I like play with the 2.3 team, with the number 4...
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    Featured Products BS

    Dear Dominic @auzStar this solution worked flawlessly !!! better impossible! Thank you so so so much!! Please if at any time you have a few minutes, it would be amazing to have modules also for the top-level category i.e. index_nested pages, and the sub-category product pages. Best regards and Enjoy your weekend! Valqui
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    did install it few min ago on (osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3.4),have to say ,easy to do it and took me just few min and it works flawless. Thank you very much !!!