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    Here is an opportunity for those of you who aren't coders to help finalized the EDGE version. @burt Gary has indicated that he could use a hand with... Testing. 1. Further testing of the Modular Checkout development. You can download the latest code here. You just need to add the files to the appropriate directories, install the modules and test away. So far, tested by: @ArtcoInc @Tsimi @Moxamint 2. Testing Piernas's better modules page. Here is Pienas's Better Module: modules_content.zip . Simply copy the files to the appropriate directories. So far, tested by: @Omar_one @Dan Cole Coding. For those who can and would rather code there is also an opportunity to develop a new module. The conditions/privacy/shipping pages are broadly similar. How about coming up with a system to have "info" pages all working off of 1 page, along with a little admin section for them so that shopowners can easily add new ones as they want. Maybe using the tp_ system as a starter ? Can you help get EDGE across the finish line? If so, simply post what you can do to help here. If it involves testing you can get started right away by downloading and installing one or more of the modules referred to above. For the coding initiative indicate what you'd like to do...lead the project, take on the entire task or form part of a team that might be pulled together to make it happen. If you have any questions, need help getting the modules installed or whatever, feel free to post here. I'll do what I can help and I'm sure others will too. Let's get 'er done. Dan
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    Warn on Duplicate UPC

    $.post it to a processing script onBlur. Similar as this: http://www.clubosc.com/unique-product-models-in-oscommerce.html
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    Shopowners Club - Core Suggestions

    Are you a shopowner? Help make the core osCommerce software better! This is the place where you can let the osCommerce team know about an idea (or ideas!) to improve the core software. First a definition: "core" osCommerce software is the package that is downloaded and installed by default. This isn't the place to write a wishlist of addons you'd like to see in the base osCommerce. Don't forget that lots of functionality is able to be added with addons that can easily be uploaded and turned on due to the modularity of osCommerce. The last thing we need is a bloated package full of "features" that will never be used by a large majority of shopowners. If you have an idea for an app, post it here. What is welcome here is ideas that can, for instance, make it even easier for addons to be installed. Perhaps you (or your developer) have found developing and adding a particular addon is too difficult because you need to dive into core code. In that case, let the developers know! Perhaps you can't find ways to turn things on or off. Or something you want to do is way too difficult because of the way the core code is structured. We as shopowners who deal with the day to day running of stores and have the knowledge as to how osCommerce can be improved for both us and our customers. This is our opportunity to have some input into the direction of the software. Anything to do with the core code that would make your life easier as a shopowner, let the team know by posting it here.
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    Addon installer concept

    Now that oscommerce community version allows more an more addons with no core code changes I feel an uploader/installer would make things simpler and also help a lot those newcomers that does not have the knowledge to ftp files. We don't have a repository adapted to it, but we could ideate a simple system that allows to upload a zip file by browser, uncomprees it, do some preliminar checks like if the addon is currently installed and is compatible with the system and with copying files/making registry entries when user press "install". Been playing with the idea of something like the paypal app updater and came up with this: Would like to get feedback from developers about it. It would need, of course, that developers agree with packaging the addons with a certain structure and provide with a file that performs the tasks. Do you consider interesting to make a similar system?
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    28d, 2018

    By Request: Ajaxified deletion of extra addresses This will be being sent out tonight to all :)
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    @tgely Let me more time to demonstrate something == I don't know ! :) Waiting
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    Thanks @Gyakutsuki ! I am thinking about a lot and my opinion that we should use the oscommerce core ability for this. Tarteaucitron give us a good example how we can do it, but we have to use an ajax vendor. PHP can do the same without any javascript. Bootstrap model popup with POST action form can do the same. Your solution require hooks. Just presented ht modules have to drop out from the core and need a tarteaucitron hook models. I think that rebuild ht modules and add a cookie addiction into the header tag modules would be better solution. Dont forget something with Hooks. How do you config Hooks? Probably have to add an admin configuration page and we can get the same as header tag can do. So I suggest a consent cookie where GDPR sensitive modules can be managed. Programatically this is the same as tarteaucitron cookie. This would be better if it be a built in option as osCid handling in application_top We should accept GDPR rules so more close this have to be a core built-in service.