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    Path To "Final"

    Another thought about the hook calls: an installation function in core to add the hook call by auto file edit in the add-on installation script. variables to pass to the function: - filename - hook name - reference core line where to insert the hook call ( above/below) have a look into the script used in the points and rewards add-on: ht-points_rewards.php It adds and removes the hook registry and calls for all hooks in several core pages. Of course it would need to be improved. Requirement: no core file changes or at least following strict edit rules (blank lines etc)
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    Path To "Final"

    @raiwa you are right with this general code $OSCOM_Hooks->register(strtok($PHP_SELF, '.')); and I partly agree with "CheckoutConfirmPoints". This could be pragmatical but very pointed name. This hook states that CheckoutConfirmation function should be there. echo $OSCOM_Hooks->call('checkout_confirmation', 'CheckoutConfirmPoints'); checkout_confirmation explain the path but 'CheckoutConfirmPoints' maybe not referal the real hooked calls. There could be anyting else for example a html canvas, a video or checkbox hook. Its free and wont be predestinated so I suggested the code place name instead. echo $OSCOM_Hooks->call('checkout_confirmation', 'FormBeforeConfirmationButton'); (Wordpress works by this way).
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    Broke my config.php file

    Ok should be the latest Edge version if you down loaded it from the github The link provided above by Dan is what you should have used and is worth checking to make sure you do indeed have the correct version. https://github.com/gburton/osCommerce-234-bootstrap/archive/master.zip If it is the correct version then migrating is straight forward. Assuming you have installed on the same server but under a different directory. First get Edge set up with the stock database. Then check if you have any add-ons in your current store! If you do then see if they are available in Edge and if they are install them. This is important for any add-on that changes the database. So now you have Edge running as you need with the add-on’s you need, Good. Ok now to migrate data! Do nothing until you backup your current store and its database. Oh and now backup your current store and database! No really back it up. OK with that done now Back up your new Edge install and database, Yes I know there is nothing in it but trust me you need to back it up as errors do happen in migration and its much easier to restore that start over again. The Data Now there are several ways of doing this, and many experts in this forum that can do it for you in the commercial support section, so its up too you to decide how you want to proceed. I have used most methods and find that simply working with phpadmin is the simplest way to do this. It sounds scary but is not if you have some coding or file editing skill. Need to do this in stages so I will give you a quick overview and then you can ask for more details on areas you need. 1) first make a copy of your old database and only use this copy for any further work. 2) Decide which bits of the database you want to transfer! Customers, orders ect. Its important to pick only the ones you actually need as it will reduce the work required. 3) in the new store use phpAdmin to look at a single part of the database you have decided to move ie Customers, Look at the differences between the tables and edit the copy of your old database to match the new database. Repeat this for each table you wish to migrate, ( there are not that many changes to make ) The advantage of doing it this way is any changes you make will be automatically applied to the data when you update the table in phpAdmin. Depending on the old database you may have to drop some parts of the old table to match the new database. OK this is the hard bit done. So you have one by one made the tables you need look the same as the tables in the new store database. 4) Using phpadmn export only the tables you have edited (this is very important) used SQL and all the default settings to do the export. 5) On your new store go to phpadmin and empty only the tables you have edited in the old database and wish to import. 6) Then import the edited tables you saved as export into the new database. If all has gone as it should you should now have migrated all the data you selected over to the new store. 7) You then need to manually copy over images and any other stuff you need. Ok if it dose not work then its a case of checking each step one by one to see what went wrong! 99% of the time it will be in incorrect editing of original tables, just take your time and do it slowly. This is just an overview, please ask for more detail on any step your not sure of.