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    Shop owners ... Developers ... osC junkies ... We need your help! As many of you know, @burt has been instrumental in pushing the community build of osC. We are the community. And right now, @burt needs our help! @burt does not get paid for his work on the community build! To finance all of his work, he puts out an incredible assortment of modules, such as his current 28 days bundle. The money he gets from these allow him the time to work on the community build core. He is very close to wrapping up Edge, making it a fixed base of code, with only future hotfixes as needed. But, he needs our help. We need about 10 people (shop owners, developers, osC junkies) to buy into the current 28 days bundle here: This is a great bargain, fantastic modules (just check out what he's released so far!), great code (most require NO core code changes), *plus*, he does offer support and customization! So please, let's help @burt help us! (otherwise, he'll have to take a day job <gasp!>, while we all wait for Edge to be finished)
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    Hi both. Many thanks for your pointers on this topic. After much experimenting I finally have a working version that sorts the files in the folder uploaded by my supplier, takes the newest one and then copies it back to the folder with a new static filename. The add on then just looks for the static filename and uploads that in to the website to update the product quantities. I have included the additional code in to the Get Product Quantity script so the whole process runs automatically via a cron at midnight every night. Although it is a small modification I am very pleased as this is the first time I have created a piece of code from scratch! Thanks for your pointers.
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    Github TLS1.2 Sourcetree broken

    Sorted now. I had to install a separate up-to-date version of git and use that instead of the embedded one: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/48944875/sourcetree-error1407742essl-routinesssl23-get-server-hellotlsv1-alert-protoc Thanks for the help.
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    John W

    Google Snippets

    Yes, I knew that it would be geo-targetted, but I only ship within the US. I check different states and it shows for the ones I've checked. Rankings vary state by state and cities sometimes. I noticed recently that Google changed some of the info it displays for me. I do think it's interesting that it pulled from the bestselles too! I have to say I'm pretty happy about this right now. Everything helps.
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    28d, 2018

    Day 23 - Data Driven Replacements Nice little HT module that accepts a CSV file of words/phrases and then replaces them in the products_description... Core Code Changes NONE Admin Side Shop Side (using Popover) Shop Side (using Tooltip) How the CSV file looks, this powers the system
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    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    If we could get a clean Order Editor together that actually works with all the basic osC functions then that would be a huge step forward.
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    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    @Tsimi I've no argument with that. A modularised approach with common code between the edit and ajax files is a very good idea too, and if well structured could readily support additional addons which would typically only hit one of the functional areas (eg. add/remove products for QTPro, SPPC, probably SSPP).
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    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    I don't think to add code for compatibility with other add-ons is the right way to go. Order Editor should should be simple and clean as possible and work with stock osC features. Any required support or modification should be written down inside a install manual as OPTIONAL. Not everyone is using QTPro or SPPC or SSPP or whatever all those add-ons are called. Right now there is code to support; shipping label pdf, google maps + direction, pdf invoice admin 1.6.2, Send Html Email and I think QTPro. That all should be stripped out and make Order Editor as simple as possible. People can modify their own Order Editor version later to support the add-ons they need. Just my 2 cents.
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    TY @BrockleyJohn for some code cleanup of malformed HTML and so on. Commits https://github.com/gburton/Responsive-osCommerce/commit/759a1ce7ecd18a76ed5e1f2a6c879043ecdcabe8 https://github.com/gburton/Responsive-osCommerce/commit/1674e3c87e4393ff642ed1136185bafd7eb984bd https://github.com/gburton/Responsive-osCommerce/commit/206a9ca6bdb54c449556d8f8822cfa009ffd68be Biggest change here is the change of the <noscript> from HT module into a CM module.
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    Dan Cole


    Has anyone developed any new IBar dashboards? If so, show us what you've done. Personally I haven't done much with them lately but the ones I did develop are still in use. I find the whole concept of having a dashboard to monitor things quite helpful and motivating. Here is what my dashboard currently looks like.